The Best Ways To Treat Thyroid Hair Loss

The Best Ways To Treat Thyroid Hair Loss

Thyroid hair loss isn’t a condition you can cure instantly. But here’s how you can take care of your remaining hair to slow down the loss.

Hair is frequently seen as a way for women to show off their natural beauty. And why not? Hair can be a fun accessory to the rest of your style, whether you want to put your gorgeous curls or smooth, straight hair on display.

Unfortunately, there may come a time when you find your hairbrush taking away more strands of hair than usual.

Should you be worried? According to the health website NHS, the short answer is no.

Hair loss is not a condition you usually need to worry about. Typically, most people lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day.

There are conditions that can cause excessive hair loss, though. If you experience all of the following, your hair loss might come from a thyroid disorder:

  • Sudden excess hair loss;
  • Mood swings;
  • An inability to tolerate hot or cold temperatures;
  • Cognitive impairment, such as having difficulty focusing or remembering.

If this describes you exactly, don’t worry! You can still treat your thyroid hair loss. Just keep the following four practices in mind.

4 Ways To Treat Thyroid Hair Loss

Here is how you can fight and treat hair loss caused by a thyroid disorder:

1. Don’t Fall For Claims Of Miracle Cures

After discovering that you have hair loss troubles, your first thought might be to look for a fast-acting cure.

After all, it can feel a little more than embarrassing to see mild bald patches increase in size as weeks pass by. But no matter how you feel, you should reconsider treatments that claim to provide you with an instant cure for hair loss.

According to Alopecia UK spokesperson, Jackie Tomlinson, there are many snake oil products out there. Numerous salespersons will be willing to spout that they have the instant cure for your troubles. As Tomlinson notes: “the greater the claim, the greater the letdown.”

2. Go Easy On Your Beauty Routine

You may not be able to immediately cure your thyroid hair loss, but you can take care of your remaining hair to slow down the loss. Just make sure your current beauty routine is gentle.

You should also consider the following beauty tips from the British Thyroid Foundation:

  • Avoid straightening or braiding your hair — with thyroid hair loss, your hair is likely already frail and dry and won’t be able to handle extra friction.
  • Use wide-toothed brushes and combs — this will help you avoid pulling out hair unnecessarily.
  • Find a shampoo and other hair products with milder chemical treatments — harsh chemical treatments can make your already brittle hair look even drier and thinner, so ask your hairdresser for gentle hair care products.

Even if you have a preference for certain ways of handling your hair, it could be time to drop them in favor of a more thyroid condition-friendly approach.

3. Take Care Of Your Mental Wellbeing

Here are a few ways to improve your mental wellbeing so you can treat thyroid hair loss from the roots:

Deal With Stress

Once you’ve gotten a handle of your physical care, it’s time to take care of your mental well-being. It might not seem as important as trying to deal with your current hair loss, but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of stress.

As Everyday Health points out, if you undergo enough excess stress, you can start to lose even more hair due to the condition telogen effluvium, which is caused by a disruption to your hair’s natural growth and rest cycles.

Change Your Beauty Standards

Despite the crucial need to treat the stress surrounding it, hair loss is still a hard subject to deal with.

Women are often objectified and given wildly unfair beauty standards to live up to. And hair loss can shatter your chance of living up to that standard. But that image is just that: a false perception of you and your value.

Your Hair Doesn’t Define Your Personality

Your hair loss should not define the qualities you possess as a person. So try to accept that as you deal with thyroid troubles, you’ll also need to deal with hair loss.

Then, take a deep breath and make a list focusing on the other qualities of yours you care about.

Talk About Your Thyroid Hair Loss Problem

To make your hair loss acceptance even easier to handle, you should consider talking about it with friends, family, and other loved ones.

If you let them know how you’re feeling, they’ll have a better idea on how they should support you as you deal with your thyroid condition.

Consider Group Therapy

It also can’t hurt to discuss your condition in group therapy. This will allow you to get in touch with others who are also suffering from the same condition you have.

These people will be more likely to understand exactly what you’re going through and know how to help you reduce hair loss and other thyroid symptoms.

4. Focus On Treating Your Thyroid Condition

Throughout your entire hair loss treatment, don’t forget to go to your doctor to treat your thyroid condition.

Thyroid hair loss comes directly from a poorly working thyroid. So finding a way to treat your thyroid condition should help you avoid further hair loss.

Your doctor will likely prescribe you with a form of medication that will reduce or increase a particular thyroid hormone so your thyroid can function properly. That prescription might be something like Synthroid.

Prescriptions can get quite pricey, but you can minimize the damage done to your wallet by buying your prescription through a Canadian pharmacy referral service like Canada Med Pharmacy. Such services allow you to buy prescriptions from outside the States at more affordable prices.

Once you’ve applied this practice and the three others, you should get some peace of mind about your thyroid condition. You’ll be able to keep both your thyroid and hair loss troubles under control so you can go back to enjoying the fun and extra accessorizing hair styling can bring.

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