7 Simple Ways To Immediately De-Stress Yourself

7 Simple Ways To Immediately De-Stress Yourself

Stress can grow higher and higher if left untreated. So try these methods to immediately de-stress yourself and live a stress-free life.

When our heart rate spikes, we breathe heavier – requiring the use of more oxygen, thus constricting our blood vessels. This means that we are stressing ourselves out. Sometimes over nothing truly important.

Regardless of what events cause stress in our lives, nobody can argue that letting ourselves succumb to stress spells disaster for our bodies.

However, when life throws curveballs that can make everything seem like an unending nightmare.

How To Immediately De-Stress Yourself

Here are some simple and straightforward ways to immediately de-stress yourself after a hard day at work:

1. Take A Walk In Nature

As a rule of nature, walking (or any light exercise) naturally clears your head and pumps you up with stress-reducing endorphins.

However, it is scientifically proven that walking for a short ten minutes in nature provides a double dose of benefits.

2. Meditate

Pranayama, known as “life force”, is one of the most important rules for nourishing our bodies.

Practicing the art of the life force, through breathing exercises, is one of the most immediate and natural ways for removing all forms of stress from our minds.

By focusing on our breath, we are able to reduce tension (due to a double dose of oxygen) and center our sense of being.

This is because deep breathing stimulates parasympathetic reactions, responsible for calming down.

How To Immediately De-Stress Yourself - Yoga

3. Do A Yoga Session

Any yoga position that soothes the adrenal glands, thus creating a calmness both inside and outside our bodies, restores and rejuvenates the joy in ourselves – as well as practicing the art of letting negativities vanish.

Bridge pose, Child’s pose, and Corpse pose are just a few yoga positions that reduce stress.

4. Drink A Cup Of Tea

Wondering why the English people drink a cup of tea at 5 PM, right after they go home from their job? It might be a coincidence, but I doubt it is.

Drinking a cup of green tea, or peppermint tea, or even lemon tea, can help you immediately de-stress and get rid of anxiety.

Some even use green Kratom strains to prepare a special tea that can double the health benefits of the regular tea. Kratom tea also gives you clear and precise focus abilities, enhances your mood, and revives your energy levels.

Just drink a cup of natural tea every day after work to immediately de-stress yourself, get rid of depression, a relieve mild pains.

5. Put Some Plants In Your Home And Office

Plants, aside from purifying the air of harmful toxins, are great for helping us calm down and provide relaxing properties.

All the social proof you need is to look at the lives of gardeners in your local area. Chances are they are calm as can be, as plants have been shown to drop points in blood pressure.

These plants include English ivy, Rubber Tree, Spider plant, or the Snake plant, and are great to immediately de-stress your life, home, and office.

How To Immediately De-Stress Yourself - Take A Nap

6. Sleep Enough

It is important to get the amount of sleep that you need to feel at your best. How we respond to life is often interlinked with our quality of sleep.

So make sure you get about 8 hours of sleep every night. Less than 7 hours or more than 9 hours is not recommended since it might affect your ability to deal with daily tasks.

If you’re too stressed after a harsh day at work, take a nap. Even a short, 20-minute nap can help you relieve stress and feel energized again.

Sleep is very important in our lives but like anything else, too much of it can make more harm than good.

7. Change Yourself

I don’t remember who I learned this from, but this advice has been the number one reason that I’ve invited positive change into my life.

The saying is: “If you aren’t happy with what you’re doing in life, change. Or else you will continue to be unhappy.

The message is simple: by changing the cause of stress in our lives, we will not have so many migraines. Life won’t seem like an uphill climb anymore.

This is easier said than done, and, of course, may not be completely practical or doable.

Ask yourself this, though: is the source of stress in your life worth the unhappiness that stress causes? Things in our lives won’t change until we do.


In our efforts to de-stress our life, it may be easy to turn to any one of the following temptations: substance abuse, smoking, over-eating, excessive alcohol consumption, etc.

But the goal here is to naturally manage and handle stress, without the use of additives, pharmaceuticals, or chemicals.

These seven ways to immediately de-stress yourself work just great on doing what they’re supposed to do. And they’re all-natural stress relievers.

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