Life-Changing Benefits Of Opening Your Third Eye

Life-Changing Benefits Of Opening Your Third Eye

By opening your third eye, you can experience the world through a new light, with a new vision, and new insight from your inner wisdom.

In this day and age of rapid information and endless attachment to technology, one has a tendency to forget themselves as part of a universal whole.

We end up feeding into unhealthy headspaces and arguments online, misaligning our energy and storing what we know to be either malicious or untrue.

Even worse, we may delude ourselves into believing what we know, in our soul, to be harmful. The outcome is a spiral into negativity and unhealthy thought patterns.

And whether we like it or not, the modern prescription to these ailments is pharmaceuticals.

With that precedent, it is imperative that we go back to our center, back to the original human wisdom we intuitively know is inside us all.

Our journey, though never-ending, starts with surrender and peace. And through practice and mindfulness, the beauty of your third eye will bloom.

Power Of The Third Eye

The Guru Chakra, or Ajna, as it is formally and respectfully know, is the embodiment of the subconscious mind.

It guides us through our environment and can keep us grounded in loving conscientiousness as we go through life and all of its obstacles. It allows us to accurately perceive the outside world as well as the hidden worlds inside of us.

What was once a secret is now for all to know: opening your third eye yields a stillness and awareness that will benefit us and the people around us.

In accessing it, intuition and self-reflection flow through from our head to our fingertips. The soothing current of energy passes back and forth through the windows of perception. The active sum of which gives us a clear and reflective state.

Many of us go to work and go home, dreading things and steeping ourselves in existential grief. It is unfortunate, but a closed Ajna keeps us from actively seeing the truth of things.

It can interfere with our daily productivity by allowing us to insight conflict or avoid healthy collective thought processes.

In short, blocking your third eye can not only affect you, but it can affect the people around you, through toxic behavior and unmilled thoughts.

That hinting feeling that something just isn’t right? The looming questions that force us to check and recheck our schedules as if some task is missing; that is indicative of a closed Ajna.

When we put into practice our meditation, eat right, and avoid consuming the suffering of living beings, and focus on the beyond, we can finally see what is missing.

The First Step To Discovering You

Although there are many things that may be vexations to the spirit, there are wonderful things online.

Endless sources, along with this guide to opening the third eye and videos on how one can achieve that state, no matter where you are, and through a variety of means.

When you open it, you will find that things will come easier to you. Critical thinking and decision making will feel like a seamless process.

There’s a joy knowing you have put in the work to open yourself up to the universe. Tackling analytical hurdles at work or at home — the bane of many workers relegated to an office day in and day out can potentially become easy without us even knowing it.

Visualizing the hurdles that need addressing as well as providing sound solutions are secondary to a clear mind.

The First Step To Discovering You

The Artist Within

Along with the analytical, our creativity flows from that spiritual portal. Art and poetry pass through it and our minds are the receiver to the source of all knowledge.

Often times we see the artist and the glow they seem to have. Whether they know it or not, the prime river of the beauty they project is a bi-product of unsealing their third eye.

Essentially, this chakra is the link between your mind and the physical world. It is the primary door of perception.

Tending to this garden a path given to us as a gift from the past may be the answer people the world abound are seeking.

Every day, we are looking more and more into how to heal ourselves and protect our hearts.

The days of “get rich quick” schemes and hollow monetization are directing people in droves to the age-old conclusion that money and fame and status leaves the soul wanting.

In that untimely yet admittedly predictable predicament, it is comforting knowing that there are those out there that are poised to help us.

One doesn’t have to buy fancy gadgets or nice cars to feel one with themselves and the universe. Those are but minor details in the grand and beautiful story of you.

But with practice and a little push, one can experience the world through a new light, with a new vision, and new insight from the power and wisdom that was inside us all along. One just has to open their third eye.

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