5 Types Of Leggings Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

5 Types Of Leggings Every Woman Needs In Her Wardrobe

There are a few types of leggings you should have in your wardrobe for different social situations. Here’s why we love leggings!

A stack of leggings is the go-to part of every woman’s wardrobe. The ease of pairing them up with the rest of the clothes and using it in fresher ways makes it a perfect companion for casual outings, gym, yoga, and just about anything!

Leggings have been around since the 14th century, worn by men. It has only been trending as women’s clothing since the mid-20th century.

Now, let’s see why women are in love with wearing leggings on every occasion nowadays. And the reasons they’re so popular.

All About Leggings

The sheer convenience of wearing leggings have turned them into a basic necessity for women. Here are a few things about leggings:

1. Various Sizes And Fabrics

Leggings can be of any length. They can be down to your ankles, or short – above your calves, depending on your preference.

They can provide maximum comfort with minimal irritation while traveling, working out, or under a dress on a cold day.

Some great fabrics for leggings are:

  • Heavyweight Ponte knit;
  • Faux suede;
  • Denim, also called Jeggings;
  • Velvet;
  • And faux leather.

2. Infinite Colors, Prints, And Patterns

You can find comfortable and multifunctional leggings available in various colors and patterns.

These leggings can be worn for the gym, a date, or for traveling. You can find a perfect print of leggings for all occasions.

From simple daily-wear black leggings to bold-colored, statement pieces, there’s a pair of leggings for every activity.

The animal print design is one of the must-try leggings. It’s a stand-out zebra pattern with contour paneling for enhancing body shape. These leggings have a high-waist fit for flattering coverage and support.

3. Great Fit For Every Body Type

Since leggings are plain and simple, any woman can wear them easily, irrespective of body shape. And it even indirectly motivates the ones around her to stay in shape.

The leggings are stretchy and made to fit perfectly when you gain or lose a few pounds.

4. Stylish And Chic

Leggings look good when paired with tunic sweaters, longline blazers, tunic-length shirts, and thigh-length blouses.

However, remember, the footwear picked to go with leggings can change your overall look. Boots, ballet flats, low heeled pumps, or sandals look absolutely great with leggings.

5. Perfect Workout Clothes

If you’re looking for leggings to flatter your body type while exercising, try a perfect pair of gym leggings for all your needs.

When worn during exercising, these leggings help you exude confidence – be it while doing squats, cardio, or any other workout!

The leggings are versatile, lightweight, and stay dry with sweat-wicking technology. And top fitness brands also offer mesh leggings, high-waisted leggings, sculpted leggings, navy leggings, and more.

Power leggings are durable, with a flattering high-waisted fit. These leggings are ideal during exercising because the cover-stitched seams support you during workout sessions.

6. The Most Comfortable Pants

Leggings not only provide comfort but what every woman seeks – a good fit!

Since they’re easy to wear no matter your body shape, it’s obvious that you can’t find this level of comfort in any other type of pants.

Moreover, they are so lightweight that they can be easily fitted into your gym bag, suitcase, or overnight bag!

16 Reasons To Fall In Love With Leggings

16 Reasons To Fall In Love With Leggings

Here is why women love leggings so much:

  1. Leggings don’t lose their shape and can be worn all day long.
  2. Are ideal for all kinds of activities, be it jogging, stretching, or even practicing gymnastics.
  3. Wearing leggings underneath skirts can help cover up the legs in cold weather.
  4. Leggings made of warm fabric can help tackle cold climates.
  5. It’s easy to pull up and pull down which makes it one of the easiest women’s clothing to wear!
  6. Leggings stay on the body and don’t slide down or cause discomfort.
  7. They are fashionable and are easy to mix and match with other clothes.
  8. Are softer and more comfortable than wearing jeans.
  9. They make women feel comfortable in their bodies.
  10. Leggings are very affordable and inexpensive.
  11. They are multi-functional and can be worn in any weather.
  12. Leggings go well with any form of clothing, whether it is a shirt or a dress.
  13. They don’t require a belt to fit well.
  14. Leggings can also be custom-made at a higher price.
  15. Basic black, white, or any plain colored leggings can match most clothes in a wardrobe.
  16. They are perfect if a woman has to dress up in five minutes!

5 Types Of Leggings For Every Situation

5 Types Of Leggings For Every Situation

Here are five types of leggings every woman needs in her wardrobe:

1. Black Leggings

It is a known fact that basic black leggings go well with any other color.

This makes it a basic necessity in every woman’s wardrobe as it can be paired with either casual or formal tops and still look great!

2. Colored Leggings

A splash of color won’t do any harm. Instead, it adds to the vibrancy and gives cheer to any dull outfit. If the leggings are of a solid color, it can be paired with a complimentary top.

Multi-color leggings can be with a top that has one of the colors on the leggings. If it looks too flashy, it can be paired with a simple black or white top.

3. Mesh Leggings

Mesh on the leggings adds breathability, making it easier for the skin to breathe, especially after a long workout. It also adds a sense of style.

Mesh leggings are made of quick-drying fabric treated with a hydrophilic finish, designed to draw moisture away from the body and absorb sweat.

4. Print Leggings

Most women tend to shy away from owning a pair of animal or flower print leggings. But combining other patterns with print leggings makes the entire look fun and extremely creative.

Try a mix and match of prints. You can also pair the print leggings with heels to add a dash of sassiness to your look.

5. Non-See-Through Leggings

Be sure to select your leggings wisely. Some leggings are see-through which don’t cover you up well.

But like the other leggings, non-see-through leggings can work well for casual or official wear.

Final Words

With an assortment of styles from seamless to mesh and a variety of colors, prints, patterns, and lengths, including high-waisted and cropped, you can find a new favorite pair of leggings quite easily.

Just make sure to check the material. This is the first indicator of the quality of the leggings. See if it’s see-through, the elasticity, the type of the seams, and more.

Hopefully, your wardrobe already includes these five types of leggings. If not, make sure to extend your leggings collection.

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