When Did Mobile Phones Make Sense In The Fitness Industry?

When Did Mobile Phones Make Sense In The Fitness Industry?

The fitness industry has changed a lot since 15 years ago. Most of the nowadays fitness programs, classes, and courses involve mobile phones.

Do you remember the time when exercising programs were still a thing on the television and being aired in the morning?

I think they were aired sometime around 7 to 8 am and you can see your mom or dad following the steps on the TV while wearing those skin-tight old school gym outfit, headband, and armbands.

Yes! Those were the golden age when fitness was still a thing and was a daily routine of every adult. They did this on a daily basis right before they went to work.

Most people from those days had a good body shape, as they didn’t just exercise but they also danced. Those two activities were the most favorite past times during the golden age.

The Golden Age Of Fitness

If we will look back at those times, we can say that they lived a very healthy life! People mostly exercise and they eat fresh and healthy food as what they call “farm to table” is still a thing.

However, as technology advances, we started to feel that a lot of things became automated:

  • Computers can now send messages all over the world;
  • Calculators can compute massive amounts of numbers and can even solve complicated equations in just a matter of seconds;
  • Televisions can now be operated right from your seat with just a touch of a button, you can turn it on or off and change channels at your will;
  • Landline phones became obsolete;
  • And mobile phones provide endless possibilities to what humans can do while they are traveling.

The Mobile Phone Age

Right now, we live in an age where mobile phones are the hottest thing there is. They provide almost all the things that we need in our daily lives.

They allow us to perform the basic usage of a phone like making calls and sending a text message. But as time goes by, more and more mobile phones are being released with more features better than the last.

Mobile phones have become versatile and allowed us to use a calculator, may it be regular or scientific. They now have the feature to open word documents, excel files, and powerpoint presentation.

And have you seen those games? Wow! Mobile phone games are amazing, with stunning graphics and gameplay experience, you can hardly notice that you are using a mobile phone at all.

Fitness On Our Mobile Phones

But with these features, people started to forget about the simple things which are, yes, you guessed it right! Exercising!

Today, more and more people are suffering from obesity as it became a well-known condition and the source of most illnesses.

With that in mind, mobile application creators started to take advantage of the popularity of mobile phones, then they created fitness applications!

Right now, there are a lot of fitness applications that you can choose from. But out of all these apps, people are starting to notice the comparison between Noom Coach and MyFitnessPal.

These two applications are the most used and are well known effective applications out in the market.

They both have good features, suggestions based on the information inputted on them, diet programs, and most of all coaches and group helps.

With the similarity of the two, you really have to check for yourself on what weight loss app will suit you best depending on the lifestyle you’re having.

Fitness Apps To Choose From

With the endless possibilities of mobile phones, more and more applications will definitely be created to fill in any gaps that humans will be having in order to make them perform those tasks and squeeze them in within their busy lifestyle and schedule.

If you do a search for the word “fitness” on the app store, you’ll see thousands of results. Each of these applications come with different features and tricks, but all serve the same scope: to help you get in shape.

Some of the best fitness apps to use on your mobile phone and get fit are:

  • MyFitnessPal – is one of the best apps to track your nutrition intake and count your calories.
  • Noom – helps you build healthy habits by creating a custom fitness plan for you.
  • Aaptiv – offers fitness classes coached by high-level instructors.
  • Fitbit Coach – it’s a great app to track your workouts and vitals, especially if you wear a Fitbit bracelet.
  • Asana Rebel – it’s all about yoga and getting fit through this mind and body activity.
  • MapMyFitness – helps you track your progress if you’re an outdoor exerciser.
  • Nike Training Club – features numerous workouts from professionals.
  • 8Fit – offers you a lot of home workouts for those days when you feel like skipping the gym.
  • Strava – it’s a great app to compete with your friends in running or biking long distances.
  • Mindfulness – offers meditation courses.
  • Pear – this app lets you choose a certified personal trainer to help you get in shape.
  • Sworkit – is an awesome way to create and personalize your workouts.

And this list can go on and on. There are literally thousands of really helpful and effective fitness apps we can use on our mobile phones.

Go Beyond The Fitness Apps

But the popular fitness apps aren’t the only way to use your mobile phone to get in shape. The videos from YouTube that you can follow along can also be a great companion for your fitness journey.

Not only that watching fitness videos on YouTube is free (while most of the mobile apps offer paid services), but it’s also available to all of us, no matter the type of fitness activity we’re into.

So whether you’re into yoga, CrossFit, or strength training, you’ll definitely gonna find the right workout video for you.

Mobile phones can also be used as a chronometer. You need this if you’re doing HIIT workouts such as the 7-minute workout.

Using a mobile phone to get fit is easy, convenient, and very effective if you’re motivated and consistent.

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