How Regular Exercise Can Benefit Your Skin

How Regular Exercise Can Benefit Your Skin

There are numerous skin benefits you can get from exercising regularly besides improving your overall health. Check them out here!

Having healthy-looking skin takes hard work. It has to take several months or years of healthy lifestyle habits before one can fully achieve flawless, good-looking skin.

In addition to eating nutritious foods and sleeping well, exercise is another indispensable routine for your skincare. But how can exercise affect skin health?

Skin Benefits From Exercise

Here are six skin benefits that regular exercise can provide:

1. It Allows You To Perspire

When you perspire, your pores will dilate thereby allowing impurities such as trapped dirt and oil to get shuttled out.

Our sweat also plays a role in the body’s immune system because it contains antimicrobial peptides which experts refer to as dermcidin.

This dermcidin serves as the skin’s first defense against any threats of harmful bacteria that could penetrate right into the surface of the skin.

However, you still need to rinse your skin well after a sweaty workout to prevent these toxins from clogging your pores.

2. It Gives You A Healthy Look

Exercising on a regular basis will help you look less puffy and polluted. This aftereffect can be attributed to the fact that when muscles contract during exercise, the lymph nodes will also be squeezed, even more, powering up their ability to release waste out of the system.

This better lymph drainage can also be achieved by breathing hard to allow the heart to pump more liters of blood.

This translates to an improved immune system that not only leads to beautiful skin. It also gives you that healthy look which chemical-laden cosmetics cannot provide.

So, the more you exercise, the healthier you become and the better your skin will look.

3. It Improves Skin Health

It’s no longer news that exercise reduces stress. Exercise greatly helps reduce the levels of stress hormones called cortisol.

This can be so beneficial to the skin because increased cortisol levels are also associated with poor skin health. In fact, the production of oil from the sebaceous glands of the skin can be adversely affected by stress hormones.

People with skin problems that are known to be exacerbated by too much stress will find exercise beneficial for relieving their symptoms.

If left unabated, problems with acne and eczema breakouts can damage the skin which also increases its tendency to become wrinkled and sagging.

4. It Enhances Muscle Tone

Exercising helps improve your muscle tone. A skin that has better support from well-toned muscles is less likely to sag or develop cellulitis.

So, the more you exercise, the stronger your muscles will become and the firmer your skin will also look.

5. It Makes Your Skin Glow

Do you notice your skin naturally glows after an hour of workout at the gym? Any workout that increases blood flow and heart rate also increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells.

This improved blood flow becomes apparent as your face manifests a natural glow. This natural glow is an after-effect of the increased oxygenated blood circulating to the surface of your skin.

Another post-workout effect is the increased production of oils that will naturally moisturize your skin.

6. It Promotes A Youthful Appearance

Resistance training is just one of the many exercises that help boost one’s youthful look. This is because regular exercise boosts cell repair and the production of growth hormones from the brain’s pituitary gland.

Besides, it also revs up the ability of fibroblast cells to increase the production of collagen. The more collagen your skin has, the more likely your skin will also look younger.

The Takeaway

Staying consistent with your exercise regimen is a must so that you will start reaping its benefits. But, bear in mind that its benefits won’t be as dramatic as a cosmetic procedure.

However, rest assured that you’ll get more than just beautiful skin if you exercise on a regular basis.

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