Best Workout For Fab Abs With Kymberly Perfetto

Best Workout For Fab Abs With Kymberly Perfetto

Wanna get fab abs and don’t know where to start? How about sticking to these fat loss tips and doing a powerful abdominal workout regularly?

Yes, getting fabulous abs is not a very complex process. You just need to follow the right advice and be persistent with your workout routine.

Speaking of the right advice, here are Kymberly Perfetto‘s  top four tips to getting a flat tummy and fab abs for an event:

  1. Skip intense cardio in the day of the event.
  2. Avoid salty foods.
  3. Don’t drink carbonated beverages at all.
  4. Stay away from foods with artificial sweeteners.

Kim is one of those bad-ass women we know. She is a celebrity personal trainer, world traveler, stunt girl, and a master instructor for one of the hottest fitness crazes around, SoulCycle.

Now, besides following these four tips for a flat belly, you need to do a set of three abdominal exercises every day. So let’s see what the fab abs workout looks like!

The Fab Abs Workout

Here are three exercises you must do to get those fabulous abs:

1. Leg Lifts

The first move for fab abs is a leg raise. But I want you guys to do it with a little twist.

  • Bring your legs up all the way, feet together and keep them straight.
  • Now go slowly lower your legs down. You can hold on to a couch or a chair or anything.
  • Bring them up fast and take it all the way down as slow as you can.
  • For best results, you need to do at least 20 reps.

You can partner up with a friend to give you resistance. This is gonna give you some extra resistance for your lower abdominals.

2. Plank Twist

Here’s how to do plank twists correctly:

  • Lie down on your tummy, put your elbows on the floor and push your body off the floor to get into a regular plank position.
  • This is the basic plank and it’s easy for beginners. But you guys are not beginners so I want your heels together and drop them over to the right side.
  • Bring them back to the center and drop them over to the left side.
  • You need to do 20 reps for each side.

This exercise is gonna get the carbs out of your midsection. Try to keep the butt down, make sure you do not stick it out too much.

3. Bicycle Crunches

For the normal bicycle crunch, you lie down on your back; but for this exercise, you’re gonna sit up.

  • Recline slightly, bring your hands behind your head and then alternate bringing an elbow to the opposite knee. Again, slow is better!
  • And don’t touch the ground with your feet, keep them up in the air, unless you have lower back pain.
  • Do 20 reps for each leg.

When you do resistance workouts, your muscles do swell. This is what we have done for the fab abs.

On the other hand, a cardio workout like running (when you’re sweaty and you’re out of breath) actually bloats you. So cardio is good for losing weight.

But on the day you have an event and you want those fab abs you can’t do intense cardio because your body will retain water and you’ll get puffy.

If you do these exercises before you’re going out, you’ll feel a difference. But also if you do them consistently every day, it would make a difference.

Fab Abs Workout Video

Here is a video with the best three exercises for your abs:

Did you guys like it or you’re gonna try this fab abs workout? Let us know in the comments below.

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7 years ago

I’m gonna try it. How many sets to do