How To Turn Simple Water Into An Interesting Drink

How To Turn Simple Water Into An Interesting Drink

You need to constantly drink water to lose weight, hydrate your muscles, or just to survive. So why not making simple water a bit more interesting?

Alright, you all know the drill. Drinking water is a godsend to all those who try to lose weight, to tone, or basically just to exist.

You are pretty much a human-shaped bubble of water yourself, so you wonder: why is water boring sometimes?

Well, it’s tasteless, which is great if you want to cook with it, but tedious some other times.

Yet you know you need it – and plenty of it! – so what should you do when you want to make it less about simple water and more about interesting ways of staying hydrated?

Well, I’m here to show you how good old fashioned plain water can be turned into a tasty thirst-quencher, and sometimes even a nice party accessory for when you’re having friends over.

It’s Tea Time!

Well, darling, it’s always tea time if you’re British! Right?

But if you’re just a normal person bored of simple water, what’s in it for you? I’ll have you know that tea can be an excellent refresher during hot summer days.

The first recommendation is, of course, green tea.

If green tea is as interesting to you as that simple water we were talking about, you’ll be glad to hear that adding a bit of lemon juice not only gives it a great refreshing taste, but it also helps the antioxidants in the tea to have a stronger effect on the body (thank you, Vitamin C!). More antioxidants, fewer wrinkles and bad skin. Go tea!

It’s quick to make (you should only leave the tea in hot water for a minute and a half if you’re going green, or 3-5 minutes if you want some other flavors), and you can freeze it if you prefer ice tea. Add a bit of honey if you want, and you’re good to go.

Add Fruity Flavors To Simple Water

If you just want a bit of that special something without a bit of that special extra caloric intake (sigh…) then fruit water is your salvation.

What you need to do is pretty self-explanatory: take your favorite fruit, chop it, and drop it in a bowl of water.

The taste will be subtle at first, but if you leave the fruit in for a few hours (or even overnight if it’s in the fridge), you’ll have a tasty summer treat!

It’ll calm down your sweet tooth, it’ll hydrate you to the heavens and back, but more importantly, it’ll offer a “change in scenery” from that simple water you’ve been drinking since forever.

Here are a few ideas to try: watermelon (yum!), oranges, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple… OK, you get it, any fruit you want will be a blast!

The Fifty-Fifty Game

Did you know that Germans are amazing? No really, they are. Only amazing people could have invented Apfelschorle. Do you know what that is? One part carbonated mineral water, mixed with one part apple juice.

Sounds incredibly simple, but it’s amazing! It’s got half the calories of normal apple juice (doh!), but the taste remains great!

Of course, you’re an amazing person too, right? So why not make your own German-but-not-quite-so-German invention?

Mix sparkly water with just about any natural juice – just make sure it’s natural and it has no added sugars. You don’t want this to turn into diluted soda now, do you?

And Finally, A Chilly Alternative To A Hot Summer

What if you’re going somewhere and want to drink some “fancy” water, but it’ll be hot outside so you wouldn’t risk making a mint lemonade because it might go bad?

Well, then how about if you just add the mint? Since it’s an herb, and it’s generally used for tea, it can be left in water for more hours without going bad such as fruits.

It’s another easy way of flavoring simple water. Just break a few leaves off a stalk of fresh mint, drop them in the water, and shake!

If you want the taste to be a bit minty-er (yes, that’s totally a word!) you can gently crush the leaves between your fingers before adding them to the water. Bonus points for great smelling hands after that!

Do you like these tricks on how to turn simple water into an interesting drink? Share your ideas with us in the comments if you have your own tricks to make sure you stay hydrated.

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