How To Drink More Water To Stay Hydrated

How To Drink More Water To Stay Hydrated

The best thing you can put in your body above all else is something many of us don’t get enough: water. To help you with that, we’ve made a list with best tips on how to drink more water every day to stay hydrated.

There are many benefits to keeping yourself hydrated. You will feel better, banish hunger pains, and keep yourself alert and alive throughout the day. The trouble is, a lot of people don’t drink nearly enough.

Research suggests you should be drinking eight glasses every day to top up your hydration levels. If you aren’t – maybe it’s time to change your way of thinking.

How To Drink More Water

Here are some suggestions for you that will help you drink more water and introduce healthier habits to your daily routine. How to drink more water every day:

1. Measure It

First up, it can be tough to keep track of what you are drinking every day. You can miss an odd glass here and there, and it soon adds up to mean you are drinking less than you should.

Your best bet is to measure out your water at the start of every day. The eight glass rule comes to about two litres, although you might need a little more or less depending on your weight.

All you need to do is pour yourself a glass every 90 minutes or so and make sure you finish the bottle by the end of the day.

2. Flavor It

Drinking water all the time can be a bland experience. However, you could think about flavoring your water for something a little different. Many people recommend starting the day with a cup of hot water and a slice of lemon, for example.

Or, you could get involved with the latest craze of using a fruit infuser water bottle. You can use apples, grapefruits, cucumber and ginger – anything you like. It will liven up your water, and you won’t be consuming the enormous amount of sugar found in fruit juices.

3. Filter It

A good water filter can give your H2O a real flavor boost, especially if you live in an area where the water isn’t to your tastes. Just fill it up at night and leave it in the fridge to chill, and you can start every day with a cold glass.

There are even portable filters you can buy today, so grab yourself one to bring into work or for when you are on the move.

4. Carbonate It

Feel like you are missing out on your soda treats? If you enjoy a Coke or Fanta on a daily basis, think about going for a carbonated water instead. Again, you can flavor it with your favorite fruits, and it won’t take long for your taste buds to adjust to the new sweetness levels.

After a month or so, you will find that your average soda just tastes of pure soda, and you’ll be more unlikely to drink another can or bottle again.

5. Eat It

Finally, think about introducing more food with a high water content into your diet. Cucumbers, for example, are 96% water, and zucchini isn’t much further behind.

You should also eat a lot more fruit – watermelon and grapefruits have the largest moisture content. It’s an easy way to bring more water into your diet, and it will also give you part of your five – or seven – a day.

Leave a comment below if you know more tips and tricks on how to drink more water daily. Also, don’t forget to share these tips. Stay fit!

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