Home Exercises To Do When You Skip The Gym

Home Exercises To Do When You Skip The Gym

Many people find gym memberships too expensive and prefer home exercises and self-training instead. If you’re one of them, give these five home workouts a try.

Due to increasing responsibilities, many people do not find time to go to the gym. Some people have to work extra time to get some extra money so as to be able to meet their bills.

Work takes a lot of their time and the time they are left with is very little. They have to balance it between other needs in their life like family, education, and exercise.

This is the reason many people are taking a break from visiting the gym.

The other reason is that training at the gym may be expensive. It requires one to pay for a personal trainer, pay for the gym membership and other costs.

Due to these reasons, more and more people prefer home exercises and self-training.

Best Home Exercises

There are some very simple but helpful home exercises that you can do to lose weight and keep your body fit. Here are top 5 home exercises:

1. Walking

Walking is one of the easiest exercises that do not require you to visit the gym.

If you have tried finding time to visit the gym to no avail, then you can take on walking to help you lose weight. You do not have to plan for a walking session because you already do not have time to visit the gym.

It is, however, very easy to find enough time to walk around and help get your body in shape.

If your home is close to your office, then you should consider walking instead of driving or taking a cab. Walking to and from work will give you enough exercise that can help you lose weight without visiting the gym.

You can also consider walking around when doing the shopping instead of going shopping in your car. For comfortable walking, you only need a comfortable pair of shoes.

Walking also helps deal with bone joint pain especially for people with arthritis.

2. Pushups

This is a simple exercise and a favorite of many people. In case you do not find time in between your scheduled tasks, you can sneak a bit of exercising to make sure that you keep fit.

Sometimes, it may be hard for beginners. You, however, do not have to start with perfection. To begin with, try doing them on your knees instead of having your legs stretched. Use both hands and build up to when you can use one hand at a time.

For those people that have gained a lot of weight and find normal pushups hard, try standing against the wall and push your body from the wall with your arms.

Make sure that you feel the weight of your body in the arms. This will help you strengthen the arms and the chest muscles.

You can combine this with the top weight loss vitamins to help you lose weight.

3. Squats

Squats can help you lose a considerable amount of fats stored in the waist area. It exercises muscles of the legs and the buttocks.

Trying squats may be hard when you are beginning, and you may need someone to help you by supporting you slightly under the armpits.

If you are alone, you can start by sitting and standing from a seat. Make sure that you do not support your body with your hands. Start by making a few sets of five squats.

Build up from there and you will be amazed at how much you will gain in a few weeks’ time. The advantage of squats is that you can do them from anywhere, and you do not require any equipment.

4. Dancing

For many people dancing is for fun or leisure. Some enjoy dancing but not with the aim of losing weight.

It is surprising how dancing can help you attain your desired body shape by losing a few pounds of weight.

You can play a simple trick to your body by dancing to some music that you love. This will raise your spirit.

Dancing involves coordinating different parts of the body and this makes it a very good form of exercise. When you dance, you sweat and in return burn calories. This helps you lose weight without having to visit the gym.

You can burn off that belly fat by dancing for half an hour a day.

5. Step Exercises

Most people live in apartments with a staircase. You can use your staircase to exercise and lose weight. This helps exercise the leg muscles and may turn out to be a very good remedy for bone joint pain.

Walk through the staircase for two times and make a set of ten at least twice every week.

There is an excellent chance for us to exercise without having to visit the gym. All that is required is having some discipline.

You do not have to pay huge amounts to a gym trainer while you can work on your weight with these simple home exercises.

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