Discover 7 Ways To Reduce Joint Pain And Arthritis

Joint pain is caused by a variety of factors i.e. hormonal, hereditary, accidents among many others. The hereditary joint pain is caused by arthritis which can be transferred from mother to the child through gene.

There are other body infections such as urinary tract infections that cause joint pain once they become chronic with no treatment. Severe road accidents can trigger bone formation at the joint hence lead to on and off joint pains if not treated well.

How To Reduce Joint Pain

You can reduce joint pain through proper diet and exercise, which are some of the major solutions to the problem. Joints are designed in such a way they can cope with any kind of stress placed on them, but sometimes they may suffer from wear and tear resulting to pain.

Here are 7 simple and well-known ways in which you can reduce joint pain:

1. Massage

When massaging your body ensure the direction of your strokes should always be towards the heart. You can have the massage done by a professional at a cost or just have it done at home. While performing the massage at home you can use warm water and a cloth and perform it directly on the join. You can also use menthol rub that helps to ease the joint pain quickly.

2. Exercise

Exercise greatly helps to reduce joint pain only if not done in a vigorous way. Try exercise that you can cope with your kind of pain .Exercise such as jogging is not vigorous hence can be an option to someone suffering from both knee and hip joint pain. You can also go to the gym whereby you have to talk to the instructor fast for him to introduce the best styles you can use. Always wear sport shoes and comfortable clothing’s that will give you an easy time at the gym .This will help you avoid additional injuries.

3. Rest

This is one of the best ways to reduce joint pain. This is because no energy is required or movement, all you need to do is sleep enough for about 7 hours. This will give your joints enough time to relax and form other tissues replacing the worn out ones. In the process of rest you will notice that the pain has reduced instantly in case the joint pain has been caused by too much walking. Rest has additional benefits such as: stabilizing the blood pressure, ensuring proper blood flow and reduce difficulties in breathing.

4. Medication

When you find that the joint pain is becoming chronic, you have to seek medical attention. The doctor will administer drugs such as ibuprofen which helps reduce any chronic joint pain. The doctor will have tests done in order to know what kind of infection you are suffering from. This will be the best way to administer the pain. It can be arthritis which needs other additional drugs other than the pain killers. Follow the doctor’s advice and prescriptions to the latter in order to get good results.

5. Natural Mixtures

Herbal mixtures, such as herbal teas help to reduce joint pains. These herbal mixtures have no side effects since they are naturally extracted. This is one of the excellent ways of reducing pains in the joints if taken as prescribed. These mixtures have additional benefits such as: reducing weight, blood pressure and diabetes.

6. Hydrotherapy

Paining joints feel relaxed when one takes a hot bath. Cold water triggers the joint pain especially in the winter season where the arthritis patients need to take a lot of caution. Avoid intake of cold water since it will worsen the condition since it triggers joint pains. Hydrotherapy also comes with keeping general body warm. Avoid exposing the finger joins or toe joints to cold instead wear socks and boots for the toes, Wear gloves in the hand to prevent finger joints from cold. Wear also woolen and cotton jumpers and leggings to keep the general body warm avoid any joint pain.

7. Proper Diet

A proper diet helps boost general body immunity. Do not take junk foods since some off the excess fats find its way to the joints disrupting proper functioning where joint pain occurs. Take lots of water and vegetables regularly in order to burn the excess calories away. You can also take a vegan diet that will help burn any excess fat.

Foods That Fight Arthritis Pain

There are so many ways to reduce joint pain in human body. Strictly follow the above 7 ways in case of any joint pain and you will be grateful. Choose the best method that suits you and is convenient for your daily schedule. If you find none works for you check further advice from a consultant who will help you identify the best method to reduce joint pain.

This is a guest post written by Katleen Brown (@brownkatleen), who is a health, beauty and fitness writer. If you enjoyed her article about how to reduce joint pain you can share it with your friends and family. Stay fit!

How To Reduce Joint Pain

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