What Your Eyes Reveal About Your Wellbeing

What Your Eyes Reveal About Your Wellbeing

Despite their small size, your eyes are extremely important. The truth is, your peepers are capable of so much more than simply allowing you to see and take in your surroundings.

With around three million people wearing contact lenses in the UK, it’s more important than ever that we take extra care of our eyes.

However, while our eyes can tell us a lot about our vision, did you know they can reveal information about our overall health too?

Here’s what your eyes could be telling you about your health:

Serious Health Conditions

The blood vessels in your eyes can give important clues about your wellbeing. Any change in their size or shape could be an indication of a potentially serious health condition, so going for regular check ups at your optician is a must.

Your eye doctor will be able to assess and monitor your eyes to detect any cause for concern and recognise abnormalities and potential problems before they get any worse.

Hypertension, risk of stroke and plaque buildup in the arteries are examples of some of the health issues that could be picked up by simply visiting your optician.

Ideally, you should go for an appointment every two years.


Itchy, watery and red eyes are common symptoms of allergies. While you may not suffer all the time, some situations may cause your eyes to flare up. In this instance, it’s worth speaking to your GP.

They should be able to run tests to identify what is to blame. Whether it’s hay fever or a reaction to a pet, getting checked out should enable you hone in on what is causing your eyes to become sore.

You may find that avoiding certain settings or taking a suitable medicine will help keep your symptoms at bay.


If you ever experience a twitching sensation in your eyelid, it could be associated with feelings of stress. Also known as myokymia, this rippling movement occurs when a group of muscles contract, causing a strange pulsating feeling.

It is often related to feeling of tiredness and worry, so if you notice that you eyelids twitch, you could take this as a sign that you need to take some time to chill out and unwind.

High levels of stress is bad news, so by allowing yourself to relax, you stand a good chance of remaining fit and healthy.

What Do Your Eyes Tell About You

Here are 7 most common health issues that your eyes can reveal:

1. High Cholesterol

2. Ocular Migraine

3. Liver Problems

4. Skin Cancer

5. Grave’s Disease

6. Stroke

7. Bell’s Palsy

If you’re concerned about your eye health, you should speak to an eye care professional as soon as possible to help keep your vision and overall wellbeing in check.

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