Fitness Workout | Forced Small Changes

Fitness Workout | Forced Small Changes

When you have to make small changes to a fitness workout?

Yes, there is the possibility that at some point, a fitness workout that gave amazing results in the first instance, now only give you … headaches. And not saying that is bad, any kind of movement is more than great for health. There are chances that your training doesn’t helps you anymore to achieve your goal. Or simply is not suitable to your body or the level at which you are in physically exercises.
So if your current fitness workout causes discomfort, it is essential to not give up, but to make small changes in structure. Here are the key moments that we should rethink training:

Permanent muscle soreness

It is perfectly normal to have muscle soreness, especially if you’re in the beginning. But when you feel it from a workout to other and do not even remember what it is like painless muscle, is time to ask yourself if maybe recovery breaks are too small or too rare. What can you do? After an intense workout, watch as the next two workouts to be easier, or increase recovery period.

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Training does not work

It is normal to achieve so-called “plateau” where the scale no longer offers you any joy. And one of the reasons may be the overuse I talked about above. So you can take a few days break and then you can resume training, to see if there are improvements. On the other hand, new or increased exercise time / intensity exercise (not more than 10% per week!) can help considerably.

Joint pain

The most common cause of joint pain is the lack of warming and stretching exercises brfore training. 5-10 minutes of warming up is essential to prevent such injuries and pain. Inappropriate footwear is another major cause of joint pain. Make sure you wear a pair of shoes good for your feet, especially if you like to run. If pain persists, maybe it would be good to take a break from the exercises that put excessive pressure on the joints (jumping, jogging).  Try, for example, swimming or weight exercises.

Skip workouts

Always something prevents you from getting to the gym or out for a run: either you have a extra work, or you’re too tired. Idea is actually you have no time! You’re full of excuses. Establish a workout program, consult a specialist and try to get over the first 3-4 workouts. Then the 30-40 minutes of exercise will be a true joy every day!

Nervousness and irritability

Sports increases the release of endorphins, makes us happier and removes stress. Perfect really, with a small correction: when we overtrained! Workout  Intensity / frequency is too much. Too little importance is given to recovery leads to restlessness, nervousness, and even insomnia, especially if the training is conducted in the evening. Do not push your body like you will not soon meet the objective!


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