Sexy Booty In Just 6 Minutes With This Daily Routine

Sexy Booty In Just 6 Minutes With This Daily Routine

I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed there’s like a butt obsession happening right now on social media. Like butts are the new boobs, they’re everywhere and people are taking belfies (butt selfies). It’s just craziness.

I found it really fun to do a 6 minutes to your own sexy booty workout today. So whether you want a Nicki Minaj butt, a Kim Kardashian butt, a Taylor Swift butt or a Miley Cyrus butt, or even classics like J.Lo or Beyonce, it doesn’t matter! Today you’re gonna sculpt your own version of your sexy booty on the “butt spectrum of life” 🙂

Exercises for a sexy booty

So let’s go ahead and get started with our first set of sexy booty exercises. For best results, perform this workout routine daily, 2-3 times per day. We’re gonna do 6 minutes of bootylicious fun 🙂

1. Cross butt lift

Get on all fours, hands right underneath your shoulders, palms pressing into the mat. The first is called the cross butt lift. Your knee is gonna go behind the other knee and then you’re gonna kick that leg up while pointing your toe. Make sure that your whole leg is straight.

Make sure you really push your sexy booty high in the air and squeeze your low back. Do 20-30 reps and switch legs.

Sexy booty exercise

2. Cross butt kick

This exercise is almost the same with the previous, the only thing that is different is that instead of lifting the leg, give it a lateral kick. Again, after 20-30 reps you need to switch legs for another set of 20-30 resp.

3. Fire hydrant

This exercise is a classic and if you’ve subscribed to FitneAss newsletter you should already know it. But if you don’t know how to perform a fire hydrant, don’t worry, just follow the instructions in the picture below.

If you want that nice, rounded, sexy booty you need to lift your leg as high and fast as you can. Squeeze your abs and lift your thighs. After 20-30 reps switch legs.

Sexy booty Fire Hydrant Exercise

4. Heel lift

Get down on your forearms and lift one leg behind you. You need to strain your leg and lift it as high as you can. After 20 reps hold your leg up and pulse for about 10 seconds. Then switch legs and repeat the moves.

I hope you really enjoyed our 6 minute workout routine for a sexy booty. Just let me know in the comments below what body part we should train next. Stay fit!

Sexy booty Heel raise exercise

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