The Secret Of Eating For An Enviable Body Shape

The Secret Of Eating For An Enviable Body Shape

Tips For An Enviable Body Shape

The secret of enviable body shape stands in the way we eat , at least that is the conclusion of the study done by British researchers at the University of Bristol. It seems that when you eat is essential to focus on the food , which is in front of you. This is the secret of enviable body shape .

“Our brain needs about 20 minutes to realize that the body has eaten enough , and that because between the gut and the nervous system are involved a series of hormonal signals” , said the researchers.

1. Eating Slowly Helps You Lose Weight!

This means that if someone eats too quickly , the signal will lag behind , which certainly will lead to over-eating.
Thus, it is indicated that during the meal , especially if you’re at work, not to check emails or have any other activities that distract you because this will make you gain extra pounds.

2. Do Not Ever Take Meal On The Run , Do Not Watch TV And Talk On The Phone While Eating!

How do you figure this? Well, if you can not remember what food you consumed means that you ate on the run . 42 people have had lunch under the supervision of researchers from the University of Bristol while playing solitaire on the computer. Half an hour later they were asked to say , in order, what food they consumed . Thus, they have not remembered the order in which those foods consumed.

Recommendation of the scientists is that at every meal you must take 20 minutes of silence , no computer , newspapers or television. Eating too quickly , there is a tendency to eat more than it requires. Eat slowly , enjoy every bite , because the feeling of fullness to be perceived and to avoid accumulating extra pounds and maintain an enviable body shape .

Enviable Body Shape

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