How To Save Money On Exercise And Lose The Right Pounds

How To Save Money On Exercise And Lose The Right Pounds

Staying healthy shouldn’t result in an unhealthy bank balance. There are many ways to save money on exercise and make a healthy lifestyle an affordable option for everyone.

5 Ways To Save Money On Exercise

Here are the best ways you can save money on exercise and lose weight without losing money too.

1. Turn Household Chores Into Exercises

There are many ways to transform boring housework into a rewarding workout.

Vacuum cleaning can be turned into a calves, core, and triceps workout, whilst cleaning windows can help build upper arm strength. Now you have a solid reason to give up your usual home cleaning service.

You can also combine exercises with downtime – for example watching TV in the evenings. Do exercises such as squats and press ups whilst watching your favorite show and don’t feel guilty for wasting your evening as a result.

2. Look Online For Discounts At Gyms

For some, the home offers too many distractions and the gym is the only place to give you that focus. However, gyms are notoriously not cheap – with classes and personal training sessions further piling up the costs.

You can still save money on exercise in the gym by looking online for coupons and vouchers. You may be able to find a free voucher such as a bodybuilding promo code.

Also check your local gym for costs of joint memberships – you may be able to share costs with a friend or family member.

3. Take Advantage Of Free Trials

Many personal trainers and gyms will offer free trials. Taking advantage of as many of these as you can is a great way to get free professional exercise tips whilst also getting to taste all the local gyms in your neighbourhood. From there you can then make a decision as to which gym or trainer you preferred.

Free trials may often mean signing up to schemes so expect lots of junk mail and the occasional survey. Make sure that none of these sign ups result in an automatic paid subscription after a period of time!

4. Cut Down On Car Journeys

If you’re the type of person who regularly drives into town or even up the road to the corner shop, you can save costs and up your exercise by walking and cycling instead.

Driving may be more convenient, but you’ll feel the benefit on your body more from using your legs more. Don’t let bad weather put you off either – a bit of wind and rain can be invigorating.

5. Borrow Equipment

If you like to use gym equipment but can’t afford a gym or your own equipment, don’t give up! We all have a friend who’s either big into fitness or used to be big into fitness that may be able to lend some equipment such as weights or even a treadmill.

Make use of your social connections – most people will be happy to help you stay healthy and understand if money is an issue. You can even train with friends and family and use each other’s gear.

There should be no obstacles between you and a healthier life, but sometimes money interfere. Don’t be discouraged and try some of these 5 ways to save money on exercise.

There are also tips to help you save money on food. Be sure to check them out!

If you know more ways to save money on exercise, let others know too. Write a comment and be an inspiration and a “saver” for others.

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Sean Sparks
Sean Sparks
2 years ago

Thank you for this great article. To be able to save costs, using a discount code when shopping is also a great way.