3-Step Workout Routine For Burning Belly Fat

3-Step Workout Routine For Burning Belly Fat

There are many ways of burning belly fat, but engaging in a smart workout routine is one of the best ways to get rid of your belly fat.

Nowadays, people are concerned with their health condition more than ever before. There are many benefits associated with maintaining a sound mental, physical and emotional state.

With the various advancements in technology, the health sector has also advanced to suit everyone’s needs.

There are many ways of burning belly fat to help reduce the general body weight and maintain a healthy physical condition.

In recent days, most people are engaged in their work more than ever to meet their daily demands and forget the necessity of physical exercises.

Belly fat accumulates around the inner skin of the stomach and around the intestines in both women and men.

There are many severe illnesses and conditions that result from the excess accumulation of fats around the intestines and around the stomach wall.

These conditions are direr in women than in men and even serious in pregnant women.

Workout Routine For Burning Belly Fat

There are many ways of burning belly fat that range from natural to medicinal ways. But engaging in a smart workout routine is one of the best recommended natural ways of burning belly fat.

1. Side Plank

Although in dire conditions trainers may recommend for top weight loss supplements, incorporating routine workout while under these medications works best to tone your belly fat.

Side plank involves a series of core stabilizing exercises based on a training program.

Other than burning calories, side plank helps in training the muscles to stabilize the pelvis and the spine so you can improve posture and reduce back pain. This workout helps in achieving a perfectly toned, flatter tummy.

This kind of workout involves supporting your entire body weight on only two points of contact other than the usual four. This result in working the core harder to stay stabilized.

Burning Belly Fat - Side Plank

How to perform side planks:

  • The workout involves lying on the left side with legs stacked and the elbow directly beneath the shoulder.
  • Then place your right hand on your right hip or your left shoulder.
  • While bracing your abs, ensure you are balancing on your feet and forearm by lifting your hips off the floor so that your body forms a diagonal line.
  • To achieve effective results, ensure that you hold this posture for at least thirty seconds.
  • Repeat the procedure as you change sides.

2. Walkout From Push Up Position

This workout involves incorporating resistance to strengthen your whole core by engaging in a full-body movement, such as using the legs and arms.

This workout is among the best workouts that help in reducing belly fat other than top weight loss supplements.

Burning Belly Fat - Walkout

How to perform walkouts:

  • With the hands two inches wider than your shoulder, start in push up position.
  • Then walk hands out as far as possible, later walk back.
  • Do at least 12 reps for effective results.

You can also lift either of your legs before walking the hands out and back to make a bit harder.

3. Alligator Drag

This workout is among the most effective workouts to help in burning belly fat. The exercise involves incorporating the entire core to help keep the body stabilized and by adding movement, it burns additional calories.

The exercise is natural, easy and can be performed by both men and women. It is very cheap since one can perform at home under minimal supervision.

Burning Belly Fat - Alligator Walk

How to perform alligator drags:

  • One should find a smooth floor that stretches ten to two yards and something that will slide over the floor with minimal friction.
  • While your feet are on the slide, begin at push up position.
  • With the hands to the end of the runway, walk yourself forward. Walk at this posture for at least ten yards.
  • Repeat the sets at least five times for effective results.


Health should come before all other human needs. It’s very important to achieve and maintain a healthy physical condition to avoid contraction of weight-related complications such as obesity and arthritis.

Remember that workout is one of the best natural ways to help tone your general body weight by burning belly fat.

If you enjoyed these 3 exercises to help burning belly fat, please share this article with your friends and family. Stay fit!

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