4-Week Square To Round Butt Workout Challenge

4-Week Square To Round Butt Workout Challenge

Having a perfectly shaped butt is not about genetics. It’s literally about working your ass off. A smart booty workout can take your bum from square to round and beat that out of luck genetics. And this round butt workout challenge is all about that!

If your butt is square, or out of shape, then you should definitely consider this round butt workout challenge. You should be able to see some improvements right from the second week.

Be sure to combine this round butt workout with a healthy, nutritious diet, to speed up the process that gets you a round and lifted butt. Some of the best foods to eat during this challenge are already covered in this article.

This round butt workout challenge is based on the latest scientific studies, so that you’ll get the best possible exercises to reinvent and transform your butt, from square to round in just 4 weeks.

These 5 scientifically proven butt exercises target your bum from all angles. That’s the secret to round and lifted cheeky buns.

Round Butt Workout

This is the best round butt workout challenge ever! It will get your butt from square to round in just 4 weeks.

All you need is to follow these 5 glutes exercises that target the entire bum area: buttocks, inner and outer thighs, quads, and hamstrings.

No special fitness equipment is needed, just a mat maybe and your favorite workout clothes. Also, it can be done even in your room since you don’t need much space.

However, before engaging in any workout, you should prepare your body and mind for strength and conditioning exercises because these workouts are meant to be applied in real-life applications. In no time, you’ll see the effects of these exercises on the quality of your movement.

This round butt workout challenge is simple, easy to follow and one of the most effective butt routines ever designed.

Here are the ultimate glutes moves to get you a round butt:

1. Clamshell Exercise (20 reps with each leg)

Round Butt Workout Challenge - Clamshell Exercise


Start with 20 reps with each leg in the first week, then gradually increase the number of reps to 10 each week. So in the last week of this round butt workout challenge, you’ll have to perform 50 reps with each leg.

Performing clamshell exercises focuses on strengthening your gluteus medius on the outer edge of your buttocks. This exercise enhances your sense of balance in the inner and outer thighs, as well as stabilizes your pelvis and pelvic floor.

2. Squat Pulse (30 seconds)

Round Butt Workout Challenge - Squat Pulse

Squat Pulse

Here’s how to do the squat pulses during the 4-week period:

  • Week 1: 30 seconds
  • Week 2: 40 seconds
  • Week 3: 50 seconds
  • Week 4: 60 seconds

Compared to a standard squat, a pulse squat has a shorter range of motion. To perform this exercise, simply stand with your feet hip-width apart and lower your squat position by bending the knees, hips, and ankles until your quads are parallel to the floor. Then, perform the dipping movements.

A squat pulse activates the legs, core, and lower back. With consistent workouts involving squat pulses, you’ll see improvements in your buttocks in no time.

3. Glutes Bridge (20 reps)

Glute Bridge

Glutes Bridge

Activating the glutes is vital to any buttocks exercise. Sitting around all day and not moving around causes weak glutes and back problems, which means your body structure won’t be able to support your buttocks. To do the glutes bridge, simply lie face up on the floor, then lift your hips off the ground until the knees, hips, and shoulders align into a straight line.

Do 20 reps in the first week, then gradually increase the number of reps to 10 per week. So in the 4th week of this round butt workout challenge, you’ll have to do 50 reps.

4. Lunge (20 reps with each leg)



Lunges are one of the simplest exercises but offer numerous benefits to your body. This exercise helps strengthen your legs, buttocks, and other large muscle groups in your lower body.

Here’s how to perform the lunges during the 4-week workout program:

  • Week 1: 20 reps with left leg and 20 reps with right leg
  • Week 2: 30 reps with left leg and 30 reps with right leg
  • Week 3: 40 reps with left leg and 40 reps with right leg
  • Week 4: 50 reps with left leg and 50 reps with right leg

5. High Knees (30 seconds)

High Knees

High Knees

Start this round butt workout challenge with 30 seconds of high knees in the first week. Then increase with 10 seconds every week, so that you’ll have to do high knees for one minute at the end of this 4-week challenge.

For best results, it is recommended the following weekly schedule:

  • Week 1: 5-6 times
  • Week 2: 4-5 times
  • Week 3: 3-4 times
  • Week 4: 3 times

Beginner: 2-3 sets of each exercise per day.

Advanced: 4-5 sets of each exercise per day.

The great part about this challenge is that you can continue to work your butt for more than 4 weeks. Just be sure to increase the number of reps every week. Have fun!

Square To Round Butt Workout Challenge

The workout that gets you a nice round booty.

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