How Regular Stretching Helps You Do Your Desk Work Better

How Regular Stretching Helps You Do Your Desk Work Better

Regular stretching is a great way to relax the body and the mind too, especially when you’re working at a desk. Whether you’re an office worker or a struggling student, stretching should be part of your daily routine.

When we get into the habit of something, it can be difficult to break that, especially if its a habit we worked hard to instill in ourselves.

But sometimes doing that is necessary, like when it comes to writing college papers. Not changing anything might end up in a whole lot of homework that isn’t turned in, and lots of wasted time.

Doing things more effectively is something which can take some time. The end result is definitely worth the effort and the practice because it allows you to change your habit and become more productive in the long run.

6 Benefits Of Regular Stretching

Here’s why regular stretching is so popular among college students (or at least it should be):

1. Gives Your Mind A Well Deserved Break

Regular Stretching - Gives Your Mind A Well Deserved Break

Nobody would have told you that writing a college paper would be improved by doing stretches, but here we are. Doing stretches on a regular basis can really help you when working.

It also gives you a break and gets you moving so your blood is pumping. It freshens your brain so you can sit back down at the computer and get the essay written with renewed vigor.

2. Helps Look At Things From A New Perspective

Regular Stretching - Helps Look At Things From A New Perspective

Regular stretching is good exercise because everyone can do it. It is easy and gentle on your body, and it can be done anywhere at any time.

It is easy to work into your daily routine – just look up some books or videos online, and off you go.

Stretching is a way of resetting. Too long sitting at a desk can make us lazy, so it makes us miss things which we would otherwise see, like spelling errors and the like.

Taking a few minutes to stretch not only means that we can come back to our work feeling refreshed. It also means that we have the benefits of being away.

Looking at things from a new perspective can help us to pick up mistakes in spelling, referencing problems, and other things like that.

3. Aids Blood Circulation

Regular Streching - Aids Blood Circulation

Regular stretching has more benefits than just allowing you a minute or two away from your computer though.

Research shows that standing up for at least a few minutes every hour is good for your body and your mind.

You can do some stretching to help blood circulation. This also can refresh your mind and helps you work more effectively.

4. Makes You Worry Less

Regular Stretching - Makes You Worry Less

Stretching is said to help you worry less, and reduce anxiety quite effectively. Movement, in general, is something which helps us feel better about ourselves. It also can help to reset our clocks.

Having less stress means that we can worry less about anything and everything. That includes our essay and actually get on with writing the essay itself.

5. Gives You More Energy

Regular Stretching - Gives You More Energy

It is interesting to note that exercise actually gives people more energy instead of less. True, when you first start exercising it can be exhausting. Over time, exercise gives you more energy to work on things.

More energy allows you to work more effectively, and do more with your time – your work will become better with exercise.

Writing for a long time can be exhausting in itself, and writing essays, in particular, can be exhausting. Stretching takes you away from the writing and gives you a few minutes to recharge.

Taking some time is important because people can become jaded from staring at the same thing for too long, and so can get lazy or careless.

Stepping away to do some regular stretches is something which can help to reset, and give you some mental space to take a more positive attitude back into your essay writing for the future.

Regular stretching is useful because it allows you to regain perspective when you are in danger of losing it.

6. Releases Endorphins

Regular Stretching - Releases Endorphins

Any type of exercise is linked to the release of endorphins and stretching is no exception. Some stretching in the middle of your writing session can help to release those endorphins, which can have a positive effect on how you view yourself and the writing process.

Endorphins make you feel better, and this feeling will help you to recharge and face the writing process with renewed energy. It can also help with a newfound love of the subject matter and the task at hand.

Regular stretching for endorphins is good if you are tired of writing and just want to stop.

Do Your Daily Stretches!

Regular stretching is an invaluable part of their writing process, for a variety of reasons.

As this article shows, stretching can have a variety of good effects on the writing process, from the purely physical, to the emotional.

Regular stretching is something which is easy to take up and incorporate into a daily routine. It is something which can contribute to anybody’s attempts to revamp the way they approach their work.

Here are some easy stretches you can do at your desk:

Easy Regular Stretching Exercises For Office Workers Infographic

Easy Regular Stretching Exercises For Office Workers Infographic

There are so many benefits attached to regular stretching, so try to perform it as often as possible. Stretch your entire body at least 5 minutes every hour when working at your desk.

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