Top 10 Weird Fitness Equipments You Probably Didn’t Heard Of

Top 10 Weird Fitness Equipments You Probably Didn’t Heard Of

Top 10 Weird Fitness Equipments

Ever wondered what you can achieve with a bit of enthusiasm and a bottle of vodka? Well, to create a piece of fitness equipment there really is no need to have practical knowledge on sports, as long as you come up with something that catches the eye (and a bit of the wallet), and as long as you sound really convincing when you explain how it burns a gazillion calories. If you ran out of inspiration on how to create a fitness machine so weird that people might actually buy it, read the list below and let us know if you get any ideas.

10 Weird Fitness Equipments

10. The Speedboard

The Speedboard is a treadmill without a motor, which relies on gravity to speed you up or slow you down. It’s shaped like a treadmill that has both ends a little elevated, and the concept is this: the further you step forward, the faster your speed will become, and if you wish to stop you just have to take a step back- and pray you don’t step too far behind, or else you’ll fall, and did I mention there are no proper handles to hold on to?

There are two versions of this amazing contraption: the Speedboard lite, which offers no handles at all, but which gladly seems to offer a myriad of ways to fall off and hurt yourself, and the Speedboard Pro XL, which has two handles on its side, but nothing in front. In case you are used to a regular treadmill, where you can support your gravitationally-challenged self by grabbing onto the bar in front of you, this piece of equipment will be quite the change. If the treadmill makes you feel as safe as a baby crib with all the grab-onto-this options, by comparison, the speedboard would make you feel like an untrained Tarzan swinging on a vine above a cliff. Long story short: try this if you want to feel like a pro runner, if by „pro runner” you understand „life-and-limb-risking enthusiast”.

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