Gym Stereotypes | Guys You Meet At The Gym

Gym Stereotypes | Guys You Meet At The Gym

After so many weights lifted we must take a short brake and laugh a little. This hilarious video about the gym stereotypes best describes the ones who don’t take the gym seriously.

I know! We are not going to the gym to watch others, but to do our workout. But there are some things you can’t avoid like the guy who carries a one-gallon jug of water around the gym, the wannabe Hulk who screams during each rep, the dude who seems to hoard every dumbbell on the premises. (Just one more set, okay?!)

Now, the hilarious sketch comedy group Dude Perfect pretty much nails the biggest “is he really doing that?” pet peeves.

Which one of these gym stereotypes do you really know?

Funny Video About The Gym Stereotypes

You might want to forward the video to your guy friends. Somewhere down the line, they have to take a hint, right?

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