Face Massage | Relaxation Step By Step

Face Massage | Relaxation Step By Step

After a stressful day at work, after nerves and worries, bills and dozens of phone calls, arrive home broke. Put your keys, bag or briefcase and all you want is a hot shower and some soft blankets to snuggle. We propose a handy way to relax, that will make you feel much better: face massage.

We know it is much more pleasant and convenient to make your massage one skilled if possible, but if you have no one around willing to spoil you, then we propose a face massage session. After 15 minutes you’ll feel great! A general feeling of release is installed, the skin will get light and the potential headaches will disappear as if by magic. Here are the correct steps to achieve a quality face massage!

Face Massage Step By Step

1. First, start with cleaning the skin. With cleansing wipes to remove makeup and impurities. Gentlemen, if you read and you can borrow from your girlfriend or wife a bit of cleansing lotion! After that, rinse your face with warm water several times.

2. Take a soft cotton towel and heat it. Lie in bed and put the towel on the face. Stay like this for 5 minutes.

3. Remove the towel and spoil your face with a rich hydrating cream or milk for the skin. Position your right hand on the forehead so that hollow palm fall exactly at the top of the nose. Press for 10 seconds, then release and massage circular area with slow motion without lifting your hand on the forehead.

4. Put both hands on temples and create pressure while count to 10. Release and gently massage, constant, circular. Repeat the process 3-5 times, depending on how you’re uptight.

5. Position your hands under the cheeks and walk them to ear, without lifting, applying slight pressure.

6. Put your thumbs under the jaw, and the other on the nose. Move your thumbs on the jaw line without lifting your fingers from the nose. Repeat 10 times. Focus then on the nose and spoil it with circular movements.

7. Pinch your face easy with your fingertips, then play with your fingers on the entire face as if dripping raindrops. Draw 8 fingertips imaginary circles on the cheeks, forehead, chin.

8. Do not avoid the eye area and massage it easy, always from the nose outwards.

9. Finally, put a wet towel on your face, well drained, which was before into ice water.

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