Considering A New Diet? Here’s What You Should Know!

Considering A New Diet? Here’s What You Should Know!

Deciding on a new diet isn’t an easy task, you need to make sure that it suits your body, satisfies your goals, and that it’s sustainable according to your lifestyle.

There are many diet fads that you can try out today but choosing hastily can result in side effects and several health risks. This is especially true if you end up following diet scams that you thought were beneficial.

What causes the stubborn scale needle that won’t move even though you have been doing everything as you should?

We avoid junk food, exercise, and some of us even would fast for more than 10 hours per day, and the results are still unsatisfactory. Completely eliminating these foods from your diet is not an assurance that you can maintain or lose weight.

Considering a new diet is the right next move if that’s your case.

Different Diets To Consider

Do you want to see a drastic change in your weight in a short period? Or do you want to change your lifestyle and eating habits entirely?

You should choose your new diet depending on the amount of weight you want to lose and the timeframe you have set in mind.

With the number of diets today, it’s important to carefully choose which to follow. Aside from your fitness goals, you should also consider the changes it will require from you and the time frame involved for you to see results.

While some diets require you to make drastic changes to your lifestyle in a short amount of time, others will require you to make gradual changes to see results.

If your BMI indicates that you are on the verge of obesity or if you already fall in the obesity category, it’s recommended to start with a restricted low-carb diet while adopting healthier eating habits until you are a little closer to your ideal weight. One of the most popular nutrition plans you could start with is the ketogenic diet.

The keto diet is designated to fool the body into changing its energy source from depending on glucose to burning stored fats for fuel by lowering your daily carb intake. This great resource will walk you through all the information you need if you want to try out this diet.

But besides the keto diet, there are many other diets that can help you lose weight and get in shape:

1. Dukan Diet

It’s a high-protein, low-carb diet plan that helps shed a lot of weight in the first week of dieting.

This diet is a great option if you want to lose or control your weight. It comes in four different stages, each stage requiring you to eat different types of foods.

  • In the first phase, or what’s commonly known as the attack phase, you will have to consume high-protein foods such as lean pork, eggs, tofu, and small amounts of pickles and lemon.
  • During the second phase, you will again have to change your meal plan as you’ll now have to eat high amounts of vegetables such as celery, eggplant, artichoke, turnips, and pumpkin.
  • And the last two phases are a combination of the first and the second one.

You can get more details on the Dukan diet here.

2. IF Diet

It’s an intermittent fasting technique that can even be implemented in other diets such as the keto diet.

This diet will require you to eat at certain times of the day and then fast in the other hours.

There are different variations to this diet but the most popular is the 16:8 plan. Here you have to eat within an interval of 8 hours, then fast for the rest of the day (16 hours, including the sleeping time).

Intermittent fasting works by allowing your body to have more time to lower insulin levels and reverse the body’s natural fat-storing process.

But more on the IF diet here.

3. Nutrisystem Diet

The Nutrisystem Diet is a healthy food delivery service designed for those who don’t like to cook.

It consists only of healthy meals prepared from fresh legumes and vegetables, lean meats, and other healthy ingredients.

So if you’re not enjoying your time in the kitchen but still want to get in shape, this diet is perfect for you.

Learn more about the Nutrisystem Diet here.

3. Flat Belly Diet

The Flat Belly Diet is a quick weight loss plan that lasts only 7 days and promises realistic results after just a week.

Now, this is a specific and drastic weight loss strategy and might not be suitable for everyone. So make sure to ask your doctor for advice before jumping on this quick diet.

4. Quick Fixes

And there are a lot more quick-fixes such as the boiled egg diet, the cabbage soup diet, or the 13-day diet.

Just take a look over our diets section and you’ll see numerous options to pick from when considering changing your diet.

Types Of Restaurants That Suit Your New Diet

Many people fail to stick to their diets because of the busy lives they are leading. Being away from your home and kitchen all day will drive you to the nearest burger restaurant you can find.

But there are many ways that you can eat at restaurants and still manage to stick to your diet.

Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants

Many restaurants are developing plant-based menus right now. It’s not hard anymore to find restaurants with only vegan-friendly food options.

If you are in a business meeting or going to a gathering and there is no chance to pick the restaurant, you can always ask for their salad. Make sure though that the dressing doesn’t have any restricted ingredients.

Keto-Friendly Restaurants

While the majority of restaurants aren’t suitable for keto dieters, you can turn the menu around to suit your needs. Ask for your burger bun to be replaced with lettuce, make sure to switch between sauces until you land on a low-carb one.

Gluten-Free Restaurants

Regardless of sticking to gluten-free foods to lose weight, many suffer from a gluten allergy. This reason has led many restaurants to have an option or two where gluten is nowhere to be found.

Your diet plan is argued to be the essence of your weight loss journey with 75% up to 90% while working out is important by 10% up to 25% only.

Being picky about the food you are indulging in is essential to any diet plan. However, many ignore how they are eating and focus only on what they are eating. This common mistake is what leads many to fail before they even begin.

While you should do your research and count all the pros and cons of the diet plan before starting it, bear in mind that it’s important to listen to your body.

Ask a nutritionist before you decide on following a new diet. Do all the tests needed to make sure you are not hurting your body in any way.

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