Trick Your Brain And Lose Weight Effortlessly

Trick Your Brain And Lose Weight Effortlessly

I saw on Google Plus someone said that you can drink less soda if you choose a right glass. Then I said to myself that I know some tricks too, so here they are: 10 scientific tips to trick your brain into eating less and to lose weight effortlessly.

How to lose weight effortlessly?

1. Down size your plate, down size your portion

Research has shown that if you will serve your meal into a larger plate the tendency is you will eat 56% more in comparison to eating from smaller plate. Your eyes will trick your mind into believing that you’re actually eating more from a smaller plate in comparison to a bigger plate.

Lose weight effortlessly

2. Contrast the color of your plate to your food serving

If you will eat from a plate that has no contrast to the color of the food tendency is you will eat more because your food looks less. If you will eat from a contrasting color from your plate, the tendency is you will eat less because the food looks more in comparison to the plate. Eating from a plate that has no contrasting color between the plate and the food means that you’ll end eating 22% more.

This is actually my first time hearing of this but I think it’s worth giving it a try. So if your goal is to eat less or lose weight effortlessly, make sure that you’re contrasting the color of your food against the color of your plate. But if you want to eat more green veggies for example, then choose a green plate for it.

Contrast coloring food

3. Drink from tall glasses

If you want to lose weight effortlessly or your goal is to cut down calories from drinks because you might be a Coke addict or a fizzy drink addict, then opt for a taller glasses instead of short glasses. Tall skinny glasses apear to hold much more than short glasses. Your brain will trick yourself into believing that you’re actually drinking more from tall glasses in comparison with short glasses.

So anything that is not water drink from a tall, thin glass. You will pour less, drink less and consume less calories.

Drink from tall glasses

4. Leave behind evidence of the food you have consumed

Previous experiments have shown that if you don’t leave any trace of what you’ve eaten your mind will forget what you’ve eaten and therefore you will consume 28% more. If you like sweets and chocolate but want to lose weight effortlessly, leave those wrappers behind to remind yourself how much you have actually eaten.

Leave sweet wrappers behind

5. Take the time to really appreciate your food

Look at your food, smell your food, taste your food and really enjoy every texture that’s in your food. That means do not eat in front of the computer, when you’re reading the newspapper or a magazine. Basically don’t eat when you’re distracted.

If you eat when you’re distracted (in front of the TV) you tend to forget what you’ve eaten and you’ll consume 300 calories more.

Do not eat in front of the TV

6. Keep your food out of sight and out of mind

We tend to overeat if we can see the food and it’s within our reach. This tip to lose weight effortlessly is particularly important for desk snackers. They have the tendancy to eat more so they must keep their desk clear of any kind of food. The further away your food is you will not be bothered to go and get it and therefore snack.

Try not to keep your snacks in a see through container because when you can see it you want to grab it and eat it right away. Instead opt for containers that you can’t really see through and when is out of sight it will also be out of your mind.

No see through containers

7. Avoid food shopping when you’re hungry

You know what’s gonna happen in the grocery shop when you’re hungry, don’t you? Because you’re hungry, everything looks delicious in the shop and you just want to grab and take everything and eat them right there and then.

Instead, best time to shop for food is after your meal. Your mind will have the time to think what is really necessary for you and what food is good for you and what do you not need. Therefore the chances of you buying junks are less. So only shop when you’re full! I always practice this no.7 trick to lose weight effortlessly.

Do not shop when you are hungry

8. Choose smaller packs

At the end of day one packet is one packet, no metter how small or how big it is, and when you open a packet you will be tempted to finish it. If you find that a small packet is too costly in comparising to the big packet, you vcan buy a big packet and store it into small containers.


Eat from small packets

9. Have liquid before a meal

Before your main meal try to have a cup of savory drink or even a small bowl of soup and you’ll find that you tend to eat less during your main meal.

Remember that sweet drinks encourage eating more, whereas savory drinks suppress appetite.

Eat soup before the main meal

10. Use your non-dominant hand to snack

You can slow down, reduce or even break the mindless hand-to-mouth munching habit. So if you’re a right-handed and you’re at the cinema snacking your popcorns try to eat with your left hand.

That’s my 10 tricks to trick your brain into eating less, not to overeat, and therefore lose weight effortlessly. Try these tricks at home and let me know whether it works for you or not. If you liked this article please share it with your friends. I hope you’ve learned something. Stay fit!

Eat with non-dominant hand

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