How To Burn Fat And Lose Weight By Swimming

How To Burn Fat And Lose Weight By Swimming

If you want to burn off fat instantly, you have to combine swimming with interval training. Here’s why and how to lose weight by swimming.

The number of calories we lose by swimming is roughly equivalent to the calories we burn by riding a bike for an hour. So if you swim for an hour using the breaststroke, you’ll burn over 500 calories.

If you want to burn fat even more effectively, you can use the crawl style. This burns around 900 calories per hour.

Why Use Swimming For Weight Loss?

Because 35% of the energy is gained directly from the fat deposits when swimming, the “lose weight by swimming” method is so successful and popular.

It is well known to anyone who has tried to lose weight how difficult it is to burn fat instead of muscle. It is much easier for the human body to burn muscle than fat.

That’s why you can’t see any significant differences in your body after several unsuccessful attempts to lose weight.

Lose Weight By Swimming

Just by maintaining body temperature in the water, the body burns fat. After 40 minutes in the water, the fat metabolism is in full swing, so stay in the water for a long time.

There’s a particular prejudice against swimming. Most people who rarely go to a swimming pool spread the rumor that swimming is boring. This is wrong!

There are so many techniques, variations, and methods that swimming never gets boring. If you know these, it is fun to lose weight by swimming.

Another advantage of swimming, according to SwimRightAcademy, is that you build muscle and boost your metabolism in addition to burning fat. This is why swimmers can eat more without gaining weight.

How To Burn Fat Instantly By Swimming

HIIT training is the secret weapon for burning fat. That means you always have short-term loads with short breaks and do the same exercises twice a row.

You swim a lane as fast as you can, no matter how long the lane is. Usually, 25 meters is enough, but if you are good, you can swim 50 meters. After that, you take a one-and-a-half-minute break.

Then you swim another 25- to 50-meter length. Most importantly, you go to your limits every time and give 110%.

The swimming style used is up to the swimmer. It’s essential to give all the power and develop a relatively high speed.

Before you start with the HIIT training, you have to warm up. For this, it is recommended to swim for 10 minutes at a leisurely speed.

It is best to get a waterproof watch so you can always take your breaks. Otherwise, the training makes no sense.

In short: swim 25-50 meters at full speed and then take a break of one to one and a half minutes.

How Often Do I Have To Swim To Lose Weight?

It is not necessary to go to the pool five times a week. Three times a week is quite enough for busy people, workers, or students because at work or school they have an energy expenditure due to constant movement.

But if you want to take swimming seriously, then you should consider going to the swimming pool daily. Not only it will help you reach your desired weight, but it will also maintain your figure after weight loss.

The Takeaway

Swimming is a fun exercise that helps you stay healthy, get in shape, and lose all the extra fat. Plus, it’s a life-saving skill everyone needs.

So if you need to shed a few pounds, go to your local swimming pool and start a swimming-HIIT routine at least every other day.

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