Legs and Butt Shaper Workout For Everyone

Legs and Butt Shaper Workout For Everyone

Today we are doing a legs and butt shaper workout. You don’t need anything at home, but yourself. Find some space and I hope you’re ready to get those glutes and legs looking good.

Legs and butt shaper workout

We’re gonna do 4 rounds of 9 exercises alternating cardio and strength. Each exercise will last for 30 seconds (or 15-20 reps if you want). I like to keep moving, but if you need breaks at home feel free to take them. But the more you move, the more you burn, the better you look. So let’s begin with the first legs and butt shaper exercise:

1. Chair Pose

Stand streight, bring your feet together, shift the weight back into your heels, bring your hands in a prayer position and just take it down low. All we are doing now is pulsing in this position. Weight is in the heels, chest is up and make sure the knees aren’t going over the toes.

Think about this: if you have a hundreed dollars between your legs, you don’t want to let it go, right? So squeeze everything, glutes are starting to warm up and you’re gonna start to feel that your body is getting heated, which is great!

2. Side Squats

Stay low in the chair pose and step it out aside and pull it back in. Make sure you can move your toes so that the weight stays in the heels. You should feel your quads fired up so this means you’re gonna look good at the end of this legs and butt shaper workout.

After 30 seconds change your standing leg.

3. Lateral Kick

From the same chair pose take your foot out to the side and then raise it and kick. You’ll get some extra credit on your oblique. Your outer thighs should be warming up.

After 30 seconds change your standing leg.

4. Jump Squat

From the chair pose jump up with the hands beside you.

5. Curtsy Lunges

Stand streight with hands on your hips and take a leg behind. Keep your hips facing forward. The bigger step you take back, the more you’ll be working those glutes.

6. Plié Jumps

Take your toes out slightly and put your hands on your hips. Squat until your upper leg is parallel to the floor and then jump into the chair pose. It’s easy, just jump with your legs together, then jump in a squat position.

7. Hydrants

Get down on all fours because we’re gonna go into the outer thighs. Bring your hands right underneath your shoulders, abs pulling tight and you’re gonna lift that knee up and right back down.

After 30 seconds change your lifting leg.

8. Hydrants/Extension

Just like the hydrant move, but when you lift your leg up, give it a flick and back down.

After 30 seconds change your lifting leg.

9. Rainbow

From the hydrant position stretch one leg aside and a little bit behind. Try to get your leg up and round as much as possible. Squeese your glutes in both directions: up and down.

After 30 seconds change your leg.

So guy, it burns but if it was easy we wouldn’t have to do it. We wanna be healthy, we wanna look good and this means we gotta work hard. It’s all about confidence, it’s all about knowing the work you put in it’s gonna make you look great at the end of the day.

Let me know in the comments below how did you feel at the end of this legs and butt shaper workout.

legs and butt shaper workout

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8 years ago

Good exercises but what about women who face knee problems and feel pain while squats or lunges?

Great post… thanks for sharing.