Kettlebell Workout Is The Latest Fitness Craze

Kettlebell Workout Is The Latest Fitness Craze

There are always new workouts taking over the world of fitness. The kettlebell workout is quickly becoming the preferred option over traditional dumbbell workouts. You have most likely seen a kettlebell at your gym and wondered what you could possible do with such a large object. The kettlebell workout is designed to be intense and help you burn more than 300 calories in less than 20 minutes. This is a workout designed to help you sculpt your body and strengthen your muscles in target areas.

Here is some more information on the kettlebell workout:

Not Evenly Distributed Weight

The most impactful part of the kettlebell workout is the actual design of the kettlebell. The kettlebell does not distribute weight evenly and this helps to make this type of workout even more challenging. This means that your muscles must work much harder to stabilize the kettlebell, which only increases the effectiveness of the kettlebell workout. You can add definition to your arms, shoulders, and core, but you can also lose weight in your stomach.

What Is The Kettlebell Workout?

The kettlebell workout is designed to work out your entire body. You are instructed to complete each exercise in succession without a break in between. You only rest in between circuits for about 2 minutes. It is important to keep up with the kettlebell workout each week and do it at least 3 times. When performing this workout you must use a 10 to 15 pound kettlebell with the unique design.

Move Around Body Pass Exercise

One of the most popular exercises in the kettlebell workout is the move around body pass. This exercise involves holding the kettlebell in front of you and releasing one hand to move the kettlebell behind you and then forward again. This exercise around your back is one rep and you do it for at least 10 before stopping for a rest. This will work out your arms, shoulders and back.

The Dead Lift Kettlebell Exercise

Another great exercise in the kettlebell workout is the dead lift. You place the kettlebell on the ground and then move from a standing position to a squatting position to lift it. It is important to keep your back flat at all times and push into your heels as you rise. This movement is one rep and you complete about 10 before a rest.

30 minute kettlebell workout

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