7-Minute Insane Booty Workout Challenge

7-Minute Insane Booty Workout Challenge

Today I have a very special routine for you: the insane booty workout. This is actually one of my favorite butt routines and it “kills” me every single time. It’s quite simple, but it gets the job done.

The Fast Booty Workout

So I want you to go through this whole thing. Try not to stop, but if you have to, it’s OK. Just pop up when you feel ready. Push yourself because the booty will be burning but it also will be very “bootiful”. Let’s get started:

1. Leg Pulses And Circles

Booty workout

Place your hand right underneath your shoulder and support your body with the knee. It’s very important that the chest stays forward, the hips stay forward and the shoulders stay back.

  • Lift your free leg and pulse for a minute without touching the floor.
  • Keep the leg straight and draw circles in the air for a minute. (clockwise)
  • Again, draw circles in the air for a minute, but this time counterclockwise.

Change sides and repeat these moves with your other leg. At the end of the exercise, you have done 6 minutes of booty workout. You will feel your butt on fire, but don’t stop, keep it going!

2. Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers exercise

Grasshoppers exercise is one of my favorite moves for toning up that booty and giving it a nice lift. So for this exercise, you need to:

  • Keep your chin rested on top of your hands and your knees wide as your mat.
  • Bring your big toes together and all you’re gonna do is to squeeze your buttocks up and down.
  • Lift those quads off the mat and then right back down. Perform this booty exercise for a minute and you’re done.

Your butt should be on fire and you should be proud of yourself. You should be proud because you did it no matter how hard it was. You can repeat this workout as many times you want, but I recommend doing it at least 3 times per week.

In these times of pain and discomfort when you had a hard workout, had a breakup or lost your job, you are forced to figure out how to pull yourself out.

By being resilient, by picking yourself up and bouncing even higher than you fell, this is how you’ll become a stronger person. And I mean stronger mentally, physically and spiritually.

So if you enjoyed this booty workout please share it with your friends. Stay fit!

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