Five Fun Ways To Exercise With A Baby

Five Fun Ways To Exercise With A Baby

Being a mom is great and truly beautiful, but you probably want to get back in shape ASAP. So here are 5 fun ways to exercise with a baby.

There’s nothing more beautiful than being a mother, but all that baby weight might be affecting your self-esteem and overall satisfaction with your body.

Also, you cannot count on losing the baby weight fast like Beyoncé, but you can do your best. You can enroll in some classes for new moms or go back to the gym and that is bound to get you your desired results.

However, if you want to make this exercise routine a bit more cute and fun, you should do it with your baby! Here’s how.

How To Exercise With A Baby

Here are five fun ways to exercise with a baby:

1. Cardio With A Stroller

Since you’re going to have to take your baby outside for walks and strolls, you might as well get some exercise out of it. Go to the park and get some cardio and you can split the walks into intervals.

For example, push the stroller while walking for a minute, then stop, face the baby and do some jumping jacks, lunges or simple stretch.

Then walk for another minute and take a break for another quick exercise. This way, you will entertain your baby for a bit while you’re getting your daily dose of cardio.

Exercise With A Baby

2. Squats And Curls

When your little angel gets old enough to hold their head, neck, and torso by themselves, you can easily use your baby as weights.

Take your baby in your arms and do some squats with that cute extra weight. Also, as you’re getting back to the standing position, curl your baby toward you for some arm exercises.

Additionally, in order to have good form, you can stand with your feet at hip-width and, as you lower your butt, make sure your legs stay parallel and knees in line with your toes.

3. Total Body Stretch

Even though it doesn’t look like it, your body will use some stretching. For a great postnatal stretch, you might wanna use a foam roller.

This cool tool can help relieve so many muscles in your body. Use it on your thighs especially in order to get your posture back and release tension.

For the quadriceps to stretch with this, lie on your stomach with one leg on the roller and the other on the floor. Then by shifting your weight on the leg on the roller, you will apply pressure that will break any pesky knots on your legs.

You can also do magic on your back if you lie on the roller and simply slowly roll.

However, since your little baby can’t really participate in these exercises, you might want to keep them occupied. They might want to join you, and get all fussy when you tell them not to, so it’s best to get the toys out.

You probably have dozens of toys for babies at home, so lay them near you so your little one can play and have fun, while Mommy is having a little stretch.

Plie Squat with Baby

4. Plié Squats

Another version of squats are the plié squats. Here’s how to do them:

  • Put your baby in a secure carrier, put them on you, stand with your legs wide and toes pointing out.
  • Keep your arms wrapped around your baby and bend your knees slowly.
  • As you’re getting up, rotate and twist your upper body to the right while you’re pivoting entire left leg in.
  • Make sure these moves are slow and controlled and alternate sides while you’re breathing in as you go down and breathing out while twisting.

5. Swing On A Swing

This one is really easy, but it can help you get some work done on your legs and core muscles. All you have to do is take your family to the park, find a swing, and enjoy.

Your husband can swing your baby, while you can swing yourself and really break some sweat. Plus, you’ll discover once again how much fun this is and you will spend some time with your loved ones.

Probably one of the best ways to get back in shape after pregnancy is to exercise with your baby. Not only are you getting back in shape and spending time with your baby, but you’re setting a great example.

Who knows, maybe you even really like this new routine and continue it as your baby grows and you will have fun times like this every day.

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