Hottest Yoga Poses That Make You Better In Bed

Hottest Yoga Poses That Make You Better In Bed

Ever wonder how a session of yoga can help you perform better in bed? Well, these six hottest yoga poses can make you bendier, more flexible, and increase your strength.

Whether you’d like to please your partner in bed, or just to try new things, these yoga poses might represent a challenge. Just follow the instructions and you’ll get better in bed in just a couple of weeks.

Hottest Yoga Poses Ever

Here are six of the hottest yoga poses that will increase your flexibility, making you a god/goddess in bed:

1. Downward Dog

Hottest yoga poses that make you better in bed 1

Downward dog is one of the hottest yoga poses of all. It gets you in the mood for love by boosting blood flow and warming your body. You’ll feel invigorated, yet focused on the moment.

On top of that, it also provides increased flexibility and releases tension. And it’s one of the easiest beginner yoga poses suitable for any level. What more could you ask for from a hot yoga pose?

2. Eagle Yoga Pose

Hottest yoga poses that make you better in bed 2

The eagle yoga pose is sexy enough to be very popular. It involves legs and arms being wrapped around each other.

This pose not only looks hot, but it also causes a rush of blood to the middle area when you unwind!

3. Plow

Hottest yoga poses that make you better in bed 3

The plow pose might be just what you need to kick your libido up a notch. That’s because it revs up blood flow to the brain. This has the effect of renewing your energy and awakening your senses.

You’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to go! And if that’s not enough, even the sight of your hips above your body may have an aphrodisiac effect all on its own.

4. Cobra

Cobra pose can make you better in bed

The cobra is a heart-opening yoga pose. It heightens intimacy and it also provides a boost of energy to help get things sizzling in the bedroom!

5. Goddess

Goddess pose makes you better in bed

The goddess is one of the strongest and hottest yoga poses that will help you find your inner goddess. You’ll feel confident in your powers. You’ll be relaxed, in tune with the moment, and ready for adventure!

6. Wide-Legged Straddle

Wide-Legged Straddle can make you better in bed

The sexy wide-legged straddle enhances your love life by intensifying arousal. This hottest yoga pose increases circulation to the middle region and all that extra blood flow heightens every sensation.

Hopefully, these six yoga poses will make you more flexible when it comes to those special moments with your partner.

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Jessy Pink
Jessy Pink
4 years ago

Wow, very helpful information, thanks.

shelby sanders
shelby sanders
5 years ago

wow hot I’m gonna try