How Often Do You Actually Practice A HIIT Routine Like This?

How Often Do You Actually Practice A HIIT Routine Like This?

When it comes to fitness, most women just want to be thin and shapely but not many realize how much these two terms are misleading. You can be thin but you might not have the stamina and fitness that you need.

Women generally are unable to take care of themselves because they are unable to take time out for visiting a gym. The good news is that you can do a HIIT routine at home to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Here we have demonstrated some simple upper body workouts for women that can be done at home for toning the upper arms, chest and back. You can watch the video at the end of the article.

Upper Body HIIT Routine

Upper Body HIIT Routine

Any workout, not just this HIIT routine has to begin with a warm up. For this particular exercise, you can start with jogging on the spot, side jacks and go on to shuffles. You will notice how your energy levels get an immediate boost.

Next, loosen the neck muscles with neck and shoulder rotations. Do not ignore the lower body during the warm up and include leg extensions, butt kicks and windmill to stretch the thigh muscles.

Now start the actual HIIT routine.

Remember to set the clock for each exercise as 45 seconds followed by a rest period of 15 seconds and then move onto the next one. Do 3 sets with 1-2 minutes rest in between them. For best results, perform this upper body HIIT routine at least 3 times per week.

1⃣ Dumbbell Forward To Overhead Press With Shuffle

In this exercise keep a dumbbell in each hand and shuffle your legs back and forth. Combine this with hand movement front and overhead. If dumbbells feel too heavy do the exercise without them.

2⃣ Seal Jack + Half Burpee

With dumbbell in each hand, open the arms in and out and jump and add two burpees to that. Make it more challenging by adding 2 pushups in the same exercise.

3⃣ The Dumbbell Squat And Press Jump

Start with the squat position such that knees are within toe width. Hold the dumbbell on the shoulders, drop into squat with the chest straight. Come up by pressing down and then jump up with the hands opening overhead.

4⃣ Moving Plank

This exercise strengthens the upper body. Start off in the plank position on the hands. Drop on the elbows and then raise the arms. alternate with both the hands.

5⃣ Dumbbell Forward And Diagonal Punches With Lunges

This exercise focuses on toning the upper body, the arms, the sides and front of your abs. Drop down in the lunges position and two punches on the front and side while twisting the body.

6⃣ Pushups

Start on the familiar plank position and move up and done. While moving down make sure that the elbows flair out. If uncomfortable in plank, let the knees touch the ground and continue.

7⃣ Dumbbell Bent Over Row To Reverse Fly Jump

This exercise forms the base of your core. Slightly bend the knees and bend forward at the waist. With a dumbbell in each hand up and down. Add a little jump to it to make it more challenging. This is perfect for the upper body including the mid and upper back.

8⃣ The Dumbbell Russian Twist To External Rotation

This exercise improves flexibility on the waist and side of the abs. The back of the shoulders is exercised too.

Sit on the floor with your knees folded and legs in the air. Keep the hands with dumbbells close to the body and now twist the upper body on both sides. You can also add an external rotation to this. This is good for the upper body and the shoulders.

9⃣ Dumbbell Bicep Curl And Ice Skater

Get in the ice skater position and hop side to side. For the hands add a bicep curl.

1⃣0⃣ Triceps Dips To Kicks

Use a step up for this. Sit against the step up with the hip close to it. Move the hips up and down and add kicks to add some cardio to this. This is good for toning the triceps and making the legs flab free.

Upper Body HIIT Routine Video

Repeat all the exercises for best results. This HIIT routine will tone your upper body while also strengthening it. So it is a must do for all women.

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