Healthy Food Trends To Keep You Fit This Year

Healthy Food Trends To Keep You Fit This Year

The start of the year is your chance to improve your well-being. And with these healthy food trends, you’ll surely achieve your fitness goals.

Not only do New Year’s resolutions come into play, but health and diet trends also make the rounds in real and online spaces.

In recent years, some of the trending diets which include the Med Diet, DNA Diet, and Keto Lite have helped people to achieve their weight loss goals.

But this year, health experts predict that there won’t be as much focus on diets or weight loss. Instead, certain foods will gain a lot of hype for their ability to enhance overall health.

A Note Before You Jump Into New Trends

In the past, certain foods such as probiotics and the bone broth became all the rage since both were touted to be good for digestion and have anti-aging properties.

While there is enough scientific evidence to support these claims, it’s important to do your own research to know accurate nutritional facts before consuming a new type of food.

Doing so enables you to achieve fitness and weight loss goals safely, and have access to nutrition guides to benefit your overall well-being.

Healthy Food Trends That’ll Keep You Fit This Year

According to a recent poll, 50 percent of Americans are planning to eat healthier this year. Moderation will also be a big keyword this year since 16 percent plan to drink less alcohol.

Since people will be more inclined to focus on what goes into their bodies, it’s likely that these trendy foods will be part of their regular diet.

Check out these healthy food trends that’ll help you get in your best shape this year:

1. Kelp

This year, one of the cheapest and most nutritious foods that’s about to become highly popular is kelp.

This marine plant grows on coasts all over the world, and it can be cooked or eaten raw. It can also be turned into a powder and blended into drinks to boost its nutrients.

Evidence suggests that consuming kelp can enhance health by keeping free radicals at bay, reducing blood sugar levels, and promoting weight loss.

2. Seaweed

Seaweed is also about to become a trending food, as evidenced by the growing number of seaweed snacks and nori sheet packs available in stores today.

Since seaweed is rich in iodine, it can help enhance one’s thyroid function.

It’s also nutrient dense and contains vitamins K, B, iron, and zinc, which means it can support heart and gut health and balance blood sugar levels.

Use seaweed sheets to make sushi or gimbap, which is a Korean roll made of rice, vegetables, and meat.

You can also sprinkle crumbled seaweed over fried rice or soup to enhance the flavor of these dishes.

3. Yuzu

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that’s commonly found in China and Korea.

It’s a trendy ingredient in Korean skincare products these days, but it’s also about to become a staple on grocery shelves across the globe.

Yuzu is said to be healthier than lemons since it contains more nutrients and a greater amount of vitamin C.

Moreover, studies have found that yuzu peel extract can reduce bad cholesterol and body fat, which makes it ideal for those who are looking to shed pounds.

Be on the lookout for dried yuzu snacks, yuzu juice, and yuzu-infused sparkling water.

4. Alcohol-Free Wines, Beers, And Spirits

People who overindulged in wine, beer, cocktails, and spirits during the first two years of the pandemic are now looking to reduce their alcohol consumption. Enter alcohol-free beverages.

Insiders predict that bars and restaurants will be offering more mocktails and zero-alcohol wines and beers in line with this trend.

Too much alcohol can result in liver damage, weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, anxiety, and certain cancers.

So practicing moderation by choosing non-alcoholic versions of your favorite tipple can do much to improve your physical and mental well-being.

5. Cultured Meat

Cultured meat, also known as lab-grown meat or clean meat, is meat that is produced in a laboratory using cells from animals.

The cells are grown in a controlled environment, and the resulting product is meat that is chemically and structurally identical to traditional meat.

The process of producing cultured meat is less resource-intensive and can reduce the environmental impact of traditional meat production.

Even though it’s not yet available for commercial consumption, experts estimate that this might be the year of cultured meat, considering that in November 2022 the FDA approved the first sale of “human food made with cultured animal cells”.

Final Words

Eating the right type of food can keep your mind and body in optimum condition.

Consider these healthy food trends to keep you well and in shape, and see how they can help you achieve your health goals this year.

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