The Secret Tips And Workout To Getting Great Abs

The Secret Tips And Workout To Getting Great Abs

I just want great abs. How about you? Are you happy with all that fat around your waist? What are you doing about it, crunches? But will your daily crunches help you to burn your belly fat? Let’s find out if crunches help you lose belly fat and what exercises you should do to get some great abs for the summer. Before we get into the workout for great abs , I wanna make a few key points first.

Great Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

Great abs are made in the kitchen, not so much in the gym. A lot of people are going in the gym really doing abs every day for an hour to lose belly fat and this is almost pointless. A lot of times this will gonna do actually more harm than good.

People think they can spot reduce fat, and this thing doesn’t exist. So if you have fat in your abdomen region, and you’re gonna do a bunch of crunches to get that fat off, it won’t work! Muscle and fat are 2 whole different systems. So when you work out your abs you’re building the ab muscle, but the fat over it doesn’t change at all.

Don’t put a lot of stress in the gym as far as your ab workout. Because if you want your abs to show better, almost every time you need to diet, to eat a lot cleaner and to do more cardio, but don’t stress your abs too much in the gym.

One of the reasons I’m telling you to not go heavy with your abs in the gym is that you want to keep a nice waist-hip ratio for women and a nice shoulder-waist ratio for men. Even if you are a woman or you’re a man, you would like to have a thin and narrow waist, right? Well, working a lot on your abs will eventually make your waist wider and that is what you don’t want at all.

Of course, exercising helps! But if you have fat over your abs, you’re not gonna see those great abs you’re building while doing crunches. So first things first: make sure you’re eating the right food for your body in order to lose/maintain weight. Even when you work your abs, stress them a little but don’t go heavy with them.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to do abs! When you work your abs it does build the muscle and it’s gonna help them show a lot more easier, but it’s not gonna do anything as far as the fat over the abdomen.

The Range Of Motion

A lot of people are doing a lot of ab exercises but they never target the abdomen. The reason why is because they are just hitting their hip flexors.

Let’s think about how the abdomen works: it opens and closes your stomach region. And in a lot of ab exercises like bringing your feet up, you’ll work your flex muscles if you don’t open your abs at the full range. When doing this exercise in the wrong way, you will feel your abs working, but it’s just a little bit to stabilize yourself.

To really target your abs and to build great abs you wanna make sure that in any movement that you do, it opens up and then it closes. A good way to compare is a bicep curl, when you fully extend your arm (the muscle opens) and then bring it towards your shoulder (the muscle closes). To build great abs you need to do the exact same way. 

Simple Workout For Great Abs

1. Hanging Leg Raises

Wrong: Raise your legs until they are parallel with the floor. If you’re going half way up, you’re not working your abs, you’re working your hip flexors.

Right: Raise your legs as high as you can and when they’re down, make sure to really stretch your ab muscles to the max. That will really target your abs and help you build those great abs we’re talking about.


For the hanging leg raises I recommend you to start with 3 sets until failure (do for each set as many reps as you can).

Hanging Leg Raise For Great Abs

2. Bosu Ball Crunches

This exercise is really good to focus on really getting that range motion of opening up the abdomen as much as you can and closing up to get that squeeze.

Sit on the ball at the edge, where the top of the ball is right under your lower back. Lay down on your back and open your abdomen as much as you possibly can. When you crunch, make sure to keep your chin up.

Bosu Ball Crunch

3. Decline Oblique Crunches

Start with your hands behind your head and lean back far enough so that your abs are engaged. Then twist to each side. You can do this for about 30 or 45 seconds until you start to feel your abs burning, and do that for about 3 sets.

Decline Oblique Twists

Remember that if you go to gym expecting to lose fat from doing a bunch of ab workouts, it;s really not gonna happened. If you learned something from this article please subscribe to our newsletter for more tips and workouts, also share it with your friends and stay fit!

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