Glute Activation Exercises And Hip Flexor Flexibility

Glute Activation Exercises And Hip Flexor Flexibility

Squats, deadlifts and lunges are considered the best glute activation exercises, and even though they can make your glutes very sore, these exercises don’t strengthen these muscles as much as you’d think. In truth, they target the quads and erector spinae the most, which is perfectly fine since a good workout program should encompass all muscle training. However, if you desire stronger, not just bigger glutes try the following training regimen.

Hip Flexor Flexibility And Glute Activation Exercises

In order to open up the hips and maximally activate the glutes, you must possess adequate hip flexor flexibility. Moreover, before adding weight you must be able to control your bodyweight and learn how to contract your glutes appropriately.

1. Glute Bridge

Lie on the floor with your knees bent and fleet flat on the floor to perform this glute activation exercise. Push your hips into the air using your buttocks and keep your back straight (makes sure it doesn’t arch) and in alignment with your hips. Hold for 5 seconds and 2 two sets of 10 reps.

Glute activation exercises - Bridge

2. Quadruped Hip Extension

Start on your hands and knees, tighten your core to stabilize the spine. Focus on contracting your right glute, slowly lift the leg while keeping a 90 degree bend at the knee. While doing this glute activation exercise the left thigh should be parallel with the ground and you should hold the position for 5s. Slowly lower the leg to the start position. Do 2 sets of 10 reps for each leg.

Quadruped Hip Extension

3. Clam

While lying on your side, keep both knees bent and flex the hips to 30 degrees. While keeping your heels touching and pelvis still, open your knees by contracting your glutes and hold for 5 seconds. Do 2 sets of 10 reps for each side for this glute activation exercises to work.

Glute activation exercises - Clam

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