Getting The Most Out Of A CrossFit Workout

Getting The Most Out Of A CrossFit Workout

The world of health and fitness has any number of trends and fads that seem to appear as quickly as they fade away.  So, when I first heard about CrossFit, I was skeptical.  What was this sport where people lifted large tires?  What was the purpose besides trying to look as macho as possible?

It wasn’t until later that my skepticism died and I took a fair look at this form of exercise.  What I found was a burgeoning world of people pushing themselves to their limits.  Working with each other as much as themselves, the individuals I met had a goal and were working towards it.  So, lets take a look at CrossFit, examine its history and see exercises you can do at home.  With any luck, you may find this to be the perfect thing for you.

The History Of CrossFit

The idea of CrossFit came from Greg Glassman, who in 2000 founded a fitness company called CrossFit.  Then and now, CrossFit incorporates a number of high-intensity training, gymnastics, strongman exercises, powerlifting, and weightlifting.  These different exercises are tied together into a single program that works to push people to their limits.  Though it began as a single program, it has spread across the United States, with over 7,000 gyms affiliated.

What You Can Do At Home

Because CrossFit incorporates a wide array of activities into its program, you don’t need fancy equipment to have the best experience (though it will probably help.)  In addition you lose out on the social aspect, which is a big part of the experience.  However, if you just want to see what it is like, or try to go in alone while keeping it cheep, here are a few things you can do to help simulate the experience.  One thing to keep in mind is that CrossFit consists of several exercises combined into a round.  Your goal is to time how long it takes you to do each, and then to try and break your previous times for both the individual exercises and the entire round.  Either way, good luck trying it out!

1.  10 Rounds For Time:  Do 10 pushups, 10 air squats, and 10 pull-ups.

2.  200 Squats For Time:  Perform 200 Squats

3.  3 Rounds For Time:  Perform 50 air squats and also run 800 meters.

4.  Running For Time:  Run 1 mile, and do 10 pushups for every minute it takes.

5.  8 Rounds For Time:  Do Ten sit-ups and 10 burpees.

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