Full-Body Superset Workout For Beginners And Pros

This full-body superset workout is a group of 5 couples of exercises (usually each couple targeting the same muscle group or antagonist groups) preformed back-to-back with no rest.

Full-Body Superset Workout

For today’s, each superset is going to target a different body area: chest, abs, back and lower body. The first exercise is a fairly traditional move and the second adds a component of instability while targeting the same muscle group.

Equipment you need:

I used a bunch of different goodies for this full-body superset workout, so if you don’t have a little home gym collection, this is probably better done at the gym.

– Stability ball;

– Resistance band;

– 2 8lb hand weights;

– Exercise mat;

– Ankle weights.

You’ll complete 3 rounds of each superset before moving onto the next. Don’t rest between exercises in a superset. You can take a 15-30sec rest between sets if needed, and a 60sec rest before moving onto the next superset. To clarify, this is what the beginning of the full-body superset workout would look like:

  • 15 push ups;
  • 15 stability ball flys;
  • rest 15-30 sec;
  • 15 push ups;
  • 15 stability ball flys;
  • rest 15-30 sec;
  • 15 pushups;
  • 15 stability ball flys;
  • 60 sec rest;
  • … and then on to superset #2 …

Full-body Superset Workout 0

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