Five-Minute Plank Workout To Abs Of Steel

Five-Minute Plank Workout To Abs Of Steel

The strongest muscle group in your body is the abdominal muscle group, which is activated every single time you do a physical activity. Your abs are engaged even when you’re sitting in a chair, walking, running in the park, or kicking the ball, not just when you’re doing this five-minute plank workout.

All these movement are influenced by the abs, which are the pivot that connects the lower and upper halves of the body. So in order to have a great coordination, strength and momentum, and to avoid fatigue and lack of energy, it is very important to build strong abdominal muscles.

Even if your core is engaged in almost every physical activity, training this muscle group is not an easy job.

Each abdominal muscle responds different to every exercise, and there are some abdominal muscles running beneath the external ones with muscle fibers pointing the opposite way. It means that a single exercise can’t work all those abdominal muscles at a time. And this is why strong abs are hard to attain, which makes them a big goal worth striving for.

The Five-Minute Plank

The five-minute plank workout is a paradox of sorts because it uses relative inactivity to challenge the abdominal muscles and strengthen them. In just five minutes you get to exercise as many parts as possible of your body’s total muscles.

With this five-minute plank workout you’re not targeting just your abs, but your glutes, chest and back too. So to gain the maximum out of your time in this abs workout, tense your abdominal muscle group at each rep.

To get the best result, which means strong abs, a strong core, more power and better coordination, you need to perform this five minute plank workout at least 12 times per week: 4 days x 3 sets x five-minute plank workout. Stay fit!

Five-minute plank workout

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