Family Fitness Tips To Improve Your Overall Wellbeing

Family Fitness Tips To Improve Your Overall Wellbeing

While the world gets fatter with each year that passes, implementing some family fitness tips is crucial for any family’s wellbeing.

We all know how important fitness is to a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. This being said, one of the most pressing issues facing Americans is obesity.

As of 2017, the obesity rate in the USA for adults was set at an alarming 30 – 40% in most states, while the national childhood obesity rate is 18.5%.

As a parent, you know how important the well-being of your family is and what better way to improve their health by getting fit as a family unit. Not only is this a great and fun way to stay active, but it creates more time to spend with your loved ones.

There are so many resources on keeping your family healthy available to moms and parents alike. There are sites that provide great tips and tricks for the whole family.

So here is our list with the best family fitness tips to keep your whole family active physically and socially.

Family Fitness Tips

Keep your family active!

Family Fitness Tips

To ensure that your family is healthier and happier, we have put together a list of ways that you can improve your family’s fitness this year.

1. Workout At Home

It’s a common misconception that you need hours of exercise at the gym to stay in shape. All you need is 30 minutes in your living room or backyard with the family and a short circuit workout.

A circuit routine is excellent for younger kids that may not be able to focus on one exercise for a long time. This type of routine helps to keep your heart rate up and does not need any equipment.

Complete each movement in 30 or 60 seconds and repeat the circuit a minimum of three times.

Circuit workouts are also completely customizable, which allows you to tailor it to your family’s fitness level.

Here are some exercises you can incorporate:

  • Jumping Jacks;
  • Push-Ups;
  • Sit-Ups;
  • Burpees;
  • Planking;
  • Lunges;
  • Sprinting;
  • Running On The Spot.

2. Make Play Time A Workout

Another great way to keep your kids active is to disguise your workout as playtime. Instead of making exercise a laborious task, turn it into fun by adding an element of play.

Fun fitness games are a fantastic way to help kids engage in interval training while boosting their heart rates and getting them to enjoy exercise.

Try to incorporate some of the following games into your children’s daily playtime:

  • Sack Races/Three Legged Races;
  • Obstacle Courses;
  • Hula Hooping;
  • Tag;
  • Follow The Leader;
  • Hopscotch;
  • Capture The Flag.

3. Ditch The Car! Bike Or Walk

If you are heading to the park or if you are going to a store close to your house, why not ditch the car and opt for a bike ride or brisk walk.

This is a fairly simple way to get the whole family out of the house and get them active.

When everyone participates, it can form a healthy habit and tradition that will not only boost their health and fitness levels but create lasting memories as well.

4. Family Fitness Challenges

Is your family competitive? If yes, why not establish some fitness challenges that can have incentives or rewards at the end?

Start by gathering the troops and deciding on an event or fitness goal. This could be anything from running a mile in the shortest amount of time to completing 100 push-ups each day.

Once you have decided on the activity, determine how each person will be judged. The next step is to come up with a reward system that will motivate both you and your kids to give it a go.

Here are some challenges you could take on with your family:

  • Run a mile.
  • Complete a 30-day workout challenge of your choice.
  • Learn a new sport or activity.
  • See who can improve in strength/speed/agility the most.
  • Who can do the most push-ups/ pull-ups etc. in the shortest amount of time.

5. Lead By Example

Your kids look to you for guidance and example, so it does not help to force them to get active if you are not following suit.

Ensure that you keep your whole family motivated by participating in exercise and fitness activities yourself. When they see that you are enjoying your workouts – they will most likely want to engage in their own activities.

These family fitness tips will create an all-around positive attitude towards being active, helping you stay fit as a family.

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