Exercises For Sleek Arms And A 30-Day Challenge

Exercises For Sleek Arms And A 30-Day Challenge

Today I’m gonna show you how to really tone up and sleek up your arms for those sleeveless tops. For these exercises for sleek arms you don’t need any equipment, just you and your mat.

Before we get started let’s talk a little bit about arms because you must NOT neglect them. Your arms are very important! Having nice, strong, sleek arms is super empowering. I know you love the abs and the thighs, but seriously, do not neglect the arms.

I’m gonna make sure this workout is fun for you so you’re gonna ask me for more upper body workouts.

Best Exercises For Sleek Arms

Let’s start with the first exercise for sleek arms:

1. Oil Riggers

Sit down on your knees and place your hands underneath your shoulders, palms pressing into the mat. Lift up your right leg and make sure is pointed, long and lean. Press your chin down until you gently touch the mat. Make sure your elbows are pressing into your sides. Then exhale and lift up.

This exercise for sleek arms is focusing on your chest muscles and on your triceps too. For best results you need to perform these moves for about 50 seconds, then rest 10 seconds and switch legs for another 50 seconds of exercising.

If you’re a beginner and you can’t go down that low it’s OK, just make sure you’re doing your best.

Oil Riggers exercises

2. Push Up To Side Plank (T-Push Up)

Start in the push up position and perform one. Then bring one hand right underneath your chest, twist your torso and rise up the other arm. Repeat for 50 seconds then rest before getting to the next exercise for sleek arms.

Push Up To Side Plank (T-Push Up)

3. Reach Behinds

Sit down on your butt with the arms open asides. Rotate your hands with the palms up and pull your elbows back to your mid back. Then press out again. In order for this exercise to work you need to really feel and squeeze your arm muscles and your mid back muscles.

This exercise for sleek arms works not only on your arms, but on your posture too. So keep it going for 50 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.

Exercise for sleek arms

4. Mini Circles

Sit down on your butt with your arms open asides, palms facing the ceiling and elbows slightly bent. Now move your arms fast in small circles. I want you to tense up those arms! After 40 seconds reverse the rotation for another 40 seconds.

These mini circles work both on your arms and on your shoulders too.

Mini Circles for sleek arms

5. Single Chest Press Pulses

Sit down on your butt and bring your elbows and palms together. Now lift up your arms bringing the elbows towards your chin. You will feel your biceps, shoulders and chest working out. Keep doing this exercise for sleek arms for about 50 seconds and that’s it.

Single Chest Press Pulses

You just finished the first set of exercises for sleek arms. If you’re not tired enough you can perform another set.

If you would like a 30-day sleek arm challenge, I would recommend you to:

  • start with a set per day for the first week;
  • then increase to 2 sets per day for the second and the third week;
  • in the last week perform 3 sets per day.

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