4 Exercises In 6 Minutes For Sexy Shoulders

4 Exercises In 6 Minutes For Sexy Shoulders

Let me tell you a thing about arms: I don’t think that girls pay enough attention to them, but guys are all about them. Girls really like working the abs, butt and thighs. But today we will focus on something that I think you should focus on: shoulders.

Easy exercises for sexy shoulders

This workout is great if you want to build that arm strength so that you can carry like 15 grocery bags and also having some sexy shoulders. You don’t need any equipment or weights and that’s pretty cool. So let’s get started.

1. Small arms circles

Stand straight with your arms wide open. For this exercise you need to keep your palms to the ceiling and the elbows slightly bent. “Draw” small circles in the air with your arms as fast as you can. After one minute reverse it for another minute.

2. Big arms circles

For this exercise you need to “draw” large circles as you can. Again, move one minute in one direction and another minute in the other direction.

3. Pushers

Bring your palms at you chest level, facing to the floor. Push your palms away until your forearms are parallel with your body. You need to engage the shoulders and try to keep your elbows fixed. Perform this exercise for sexy shoulders for about a minute.

4. Single chest press pulse

Place your palms together like you’re praying and your elbows together too. Your elbows need to be at your chest level. All you need to do now is to move your arms up and down without opening the hands. This exercise engages the biceps, pectorals and the shoulders. So to get some sexy shoulders you need to keep pulsing for about a minute.

If you want to make it harder try to do this single chest press pulse in 3 steps: move your arms up just a little, then more and at the end as high as you can. Here is a video from Blogilates for more details:

It’s really amazing what you can do with your own body. Body + Gravity = Sexy Shoulders. Let me know in the comments below what exercises you wanna do next time. Stay fit!

Sexy Shoulders Workout

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