8 Tips To Eliminate Loose Skin After Pregnancy

8 Tips To Eliminate Loose Skin After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a process that transforms your entire body, especially the skin. But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to reduce loose skin after pregnancy.

Your skin changes considerably during pregnancy and it’s no secret that loose skin can be noticed after delivery.

The loose skin appears because the skin expands during pregnancy due to belly growth, weight gain, and water retention. And it’s difficult to return to its former shape after delivery.

The collagen and elastin in your skin allow this rapid expansion, but the reverse process is a lot slower. It takes years for the skin to return to its initial shape and in some cases it never does.

So loose skin is a problem (both physical and emotional) for many moms who want their prepregnancy body back.

How To Eliminate Loose Skin After Pregnancy

Here are 8 simple tips to help you tighten your loose skin after pregnancy:

1. Eat High-Protein Foods

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Food is related to everything that happens in your body. So eating healthily is a must no matter your fitness goal.

The most important nutrient you’ll need to restore your body, including the skin, to its prepregnancy shape is protein.

Protein consumption is necessary not just for muscle growth but for your skin’s elasticity too. That’s because both collagen and elastin are proteins that keep the skin strong and flexible, respectively.

If you’re wondering how much protein you should take, that depends on factors such as sedentary level, weight, height, and others.

Also, if you’re breastfeeding, you should slightly increase your daily protein consumption.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly To Get Rid Of Loose Skin After Pregnancy

The first step you must take before starting to exercise is to ask your doctor for permission to work out. Depending on your fitness level and your delivery method you might not be able to exercise for a while.

It’s true, exercising after pregnancy helps to prevent and minimize excess belly skin. But it can lead to complications if you exercise without your doctor’s approval.

When you have your doctor’s okay, start with some light cardio exercises that promote fat burning. These include walking, jogging, swimming, or bike riding.

Then increase the intensity gradually and do some strength training exercises to tone your muscles.

Also, try Pilates, yoga, or barre to tighten the muscles underneath the loose skin. Target your glute, hip, and core muscles.

3. Hydrate Yourself

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Proper hydration is very important, especially during and after pregnancy. And since it helps promote skin elasticity, it’s the perfect remedy for loose skin after pregnancy.

Make sure to get a cup of water every hour or so. Try to aim for about 10 cups of water a day (2 liters).

Besides helping your loose skin get to its prepregnancy shape, proper hydration also helps minimize fluid retention and promotes fat burning.

4. De-Stress Yourself

Meditation Is Key To Happiness

The process of eliminating loose skin after pregnancy is slow and gradual, which means results are not visible immediately. This leads to frustration and stress.

Patience is key when dealing with a physiological process. So remaining calm and avoiding stress is essential for the process of tightening loose skin.

Here is how you can de-stress yourself and boost your mental state after pregnancy:

  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day;
  • Listen to your favorite music;
  • Play with your baby;
  • Take 5 to 10 deep breaths whenever you feel frustrated;
  • Get a massage from your husband;
  • Take a warm bath with aromatic essential oils;
  • Nap along with your baby.

No one deserves a moment of relaxation as you do. So allow yourself a few moments each day to relax and de-stress.

Also, when you feel overwhelmed, try to ask for help from your husband, family, or even friends. Chances are they will be thrilled to help you take the load off for a few hours.

Who doesn’t want to play with a baby? That’s magical, right? So don’t be afraid to reach for help.

5. Get More Restful Sleep

How To Look Beautiful Inside And Out - Get Enough Sleep

After delivery, your body needs a lot of energy and rest to repair itself. So restful sleep is mandatory to get your body back in the pre-baby form.

But since a newborn wakes you up at least a couple of times a night, it’s pretty hard to get restful sleep. That’s why it’s important to nap when your baby does.

Ensuring that you are on the same sleep schedule as your baby allows you to tackle the day less stressed and more energized.

To help you fall asleep faster, follow these sleep-inducing tips:

  • Make your room as dark as possible;
  • Cool your room down a bit;
  • Drink organic tea instead of coffee during the day;
  • Take a warm bath before going to sleep;
  • Listen to relaxing nature sounds, from YouTube for example;
  • Count your breathing;
  • Get the right mattress.

6. Add A Collagen Supplement

A collagen supplement can help eliminate loose belly skin

One of the most important roles of collagen, the most abundant protein in our body, is to provide structure to our skin.

So if you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin, you must consume high-protein foods. These include:

  • Chicken breast;
  • Lean pork;
  • Beef;
  • Fish such as pollack, cod, sardines, salmon, crab, halibut, etc;
  • Grains such as quinoa, wild rice, oatmeal, couscous, millet, whole wheat, etc;
  • And high-protein vegetables.

In some cases, the food alone can’t provide a sufficient amount of protein. If this is your case, then you can opt for a collagen supplement.

Don’t worry, collagen is beneficial for both you and your baby, even if you’re breastfeeding. But to be extra safe, consult with your doctor before taking any supplement.

7. Use Skin Wraps

Use skin wraps to tighten loose skin after pregnancy

You can also use body wraps or skin wraps to nourish and tighten your belly skin. Just be aware, this isn’t a treatment for loose skin, but rather a temporary “bandaid”.

Yes, it makes your belly skin feel better and maybe helps you boost your confidence. So it’s great to have an option like this for a special event or occasion.

Usually, a skin wrap contains some of the followings ingredients:

  • Minerals;
  • Sea salt;
  • Nourishing oils;
  • Algae;
  • Powdered kelp;
  • Clay.

8. Try A Skin Firming Gel

Try A Firming Gel To Tighten Loose Skin After Pregnancy

Exercising helps tone the muscles which pull the loose skin to promote tightness. But working your muscles is not the only way to increase the tone of the loose skin after pregnancy.

You can also tighten your skin by massaging it with a skin firming gel that contains ingredients such as collagen, vitamin C, and retinoids.

This method is similar to using skin wraps, so don’t take it as a loose skin remedy.

The Takeaway

Most women experience loose belly skin after giving birth. This is a result of the continuous growth of the belly during the nine months of pregnancy.

So if you’re self-conscious regarding loose skin after pregnancy, you can speed up the skin tightening process by:

  • Consuming high-protein foods;
  • Doing cardio exercises to burn fat and strength training to increase muscle mass;
  • Drinking enough water during the day;
  • Relieving stress and getting enough and restful sleep;
  • Taking collagen supplements;
  • Trying skin-firming products such as gels and skin wraps.

The process of eliminating loose skin after pregnancy is not an instant one. It takes time for your skin to return to its initial shape. So be patient and do your best to live a healthy lifestyle.

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