Dietary Strawberry Recipes | 5 Tastes For Summer

Dietary Strawberry Recipes | 5 Tastes For Summer

Dietary Strawberry Recipes

Find out in this article how you can prepare at your home dietary strawberry recipes!

Take advantage of strawberry season, which will end in a few weeks and take a serving of vitamins for your health and beauty! Delicious strawberry aroma will delight and you will not feel like they are dietary prescriptions. The recipes are easy to integrate in the diet, they taste good and, most importantly, very few calories! Try them!

In most cases, commercially available dietary products are expensive or can not be found in any city. Therefore, you have on hand to prepare recipes only dietary features appeal. Based dietary strawberry recipes are so tasty that you can serve with confidence even to those who take weight loss diet, so let’s discover together what strawberry recipes can you prepare!

Dietary Strawberry Cream And Orange Juice


– 300 g fresh or frozen strawberries;

– 170 g of yogurt;

– Half a cup of fresh orange juice;

– A half cup of skim milk.


Mix all ingredients in blender until you get a smooth cream. If you wish, you can add a little more yogurt.

Dietary Strawberry Recipes 2

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