Is The Coolsculpting Procedure Right For You?

Is The Coolsculpting Procedure Right For You?

It’s a simple question. The answer isn’t so simple, though. Is the CoolSculpting procedure the right fat-shredding method for you?

This really does depend on what it is you want to do with your body. If you’re looking for a great weight-loss method, then you might want to consider something else.

The CoolSculpting Procedure And Our Body Fat

The CoolSculpting procedure uses technology to essentially freeze fat cells so that they will no longer be viable. In other words, what it does is to freeze those cells so that they can no longer stay together. What the body then does with that fat has a lot to do with your biology.

The body’s main function in storing fat comes from our more primitive ancestry. The reason why man has risen to the top of the food chain is actually because of fat, believe it or not.

It is true that today, people are trying their best to lose fat and there are warnings everywhere online and on television, warning about the dangers of fat.

Fat has become more of a burden than any kind of savior to mankind, but that is exactly what it was centuries ago, and right up to the last fifty years.

Animals that can’t put on fat have to get a certain number of calories per day, or they can starve to death in a very short period of time. Us, humans, and a few other species evolved to be able to put on fat.

This is a life-saving miracle of our bodies. As long as we have access to water, we can live for weeks without food. Why? The answer is in those love handles that you hate.

So, you know that fat was very useful to our ancestors, but in North America, the likelihood of most of us going without food for weeks at a time is pretty slim. This has led to the belly bulge for many of us, and as a result, many people are looking to reduce the amount of fat in their bodies.

For those of you that need to lose twenty pounds or more, you might want to look at other treatments, like liposuction, if you want to lose weight fast.

How CoolSculpting Works?

The purpose of those looking to have CoolSculpting done is to do what the treatment says in its name: they want to “sculpt” their bodies.

This treatment targets specific areas of the body and freezes the fat. This is for shaping the body and it takes months. The reason for this long period of time is that after the fat is frozen, it’s no longer recognized by the body as fat.

This is where the evolutionary part of this article comes into play. Because the body no longer recognizes this frozen tissue, it simply gets rid of it, rather than retain it. And, that’s how it works!

If you are looking to get rid of a few pounds in a few targeted areas, then this is the treatment for you. Just remember to thoroughly discuss the CoolSculpting procedure with your doctor in order to ensure that this treatment is right for you.

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