The Right Way To Start A Bulking Up Diet Plan

The Right Way To Start A Bulking Up Diet Plan

Starting a bulking up diet plan is what people do when they look for a strong and muscled appearance. Here’s how to do it the right way.

The bulking up process means putting on weight to achieve that big and strong physique. But the weight gain process can be a struggle for some people. Bulking up can be sometimes as hard as trimming down, if not harder.

The bulking up process and the muscle gain really comes down to how much you train and how much you eat.

What To Eat To Bulk Up?

When it comes to bulking up, indulging in all those empty calories and junk foods to help you gain muscles is not ideal.

You need to consider the quality of the food you consume. This will help you gain muscles without the additional accumulation of fat.

Maybe, for many of us, eating more sounds like a dream. But to achieve a healthy weight gain, you need a clean bulk plan and some bulking diet recipes.

So when you want to get bigger you can do a dirty bulking or a clean bulking, also known as lean bulking. These are your two main options for a muscle-building diet.

Dirty Bulking

A dirty bulking diet usually involves eating high-calorie foods to assist with fast weight gain.

So the idea of the dirt bulk is very simple. Go and hit the gym really hard and then eat as much as you can.

And it doesn’t matter what you eat, junk foods or vegetables, as long as you fuel your muscles. You can end up shoveling down pizza, noodles, and McDonald’s.

Clean/Lean Bulking

On the other hand, the lean bulking is all about fuelling your body with clean calories, the right amount of proteins, carbs, and fats. This way you’ll keep the fat gain to a minimum while promoting muscle growth.

Choosing to bulk up in a lean way will benefit your body in the long period. You will adopt a healthy eating habit and your body will consume nutrient-dense foods.

In conclusion, skip the dirty bulking and all the processed foods that have none of the nutrients your body needs. Because there is a better way, the lean bulking plan.

Now that you are ready to get bigger in size and know how to do it the right way, here are a few factors you need to consider.

Tips For Bulking Up The Right Way

Say no to the dirty bulking and choose a better way to get bigger in size by following these four tips that will guide you to get your desired muscle gain:

1. Protein Intake

The most important thing in your bulking up meal plan is the protein intake.

The main component of your muscle mass is protein. If you are not able to consume your daily amount of protein, it will seriously affect your muscles’ ability to grow.

Your optimum amount of protein intake is between 1.6 – 2.5 g/kg of body weight. And since your goal is bulking up, you must consider the protein intake from the higher end of the scale: 2.5 g/kg.

2. Energy Balance

You need a calorie surplus to be able to increase muscle mass. If you are a beginner, you will be able to bulk up in a calorie deficit, but this will be a short-term thing.

Muscle building is never a priority for your body. Your body will always spend its energy on the process that will keep you alive, before spending it on building muscles.

This is the main reason why you cannot perform well when you are not eating. Your body will automatically slow down to be able to preserve energy for the things that matter for survival.

This means that you have to eat, with no exception, a surplus of calories in a bulking up process.

If your weight is at a stagnant point, you should calculate your daily calorie intake. And try to increase it by 200 – 400 calories.

After three weeks into your bulking plan, look for any weight changes and see if you wheater need to increase, reduce or maintain your energy intake.

Make sure you are consuming the right amount of energy in contrast with the energy you are spending.

3. Your Appetite

The main reason you are struggling with the surplus intake of calories is the lack of appetite. Force-feeding is not a pleasant thing to do even if you are doing it for muscle building or bulking up.

You should always try to avoid creating a negative relationship with food. So you need to promote appetite with the right tools and also avoid appetite killers.

So try to increase your appetite in natural ways:

  • Weight training is known as an appetite promotor.
  • Foods like carbohydrates and fats will increase your appetite.
  • Having regular mealtimes will make your body to expect food, and it will increase the hunger sensation.
  • Starting the day with a big meal will also help increase your appetite. Consuming a big meal will help increase your overall intake. If you are not used to eating in the morning, start with a smaller portion or a liquid breakfast.

Avoiding appetite suppressants is the key in your bulking up process. By doing excessive cardio, you will not only limit your muscle-building capacity but will also reduce the desire to eat for a longer period of time after working out.

If you want to gain weight you should limit your cardio time to short, high-intensity sessions. Consuming too much protein can also act as an appetite suppressant.

Avoid going crazy with protein consumption and calculate your required amount, then fill the rest of your calories with carbs and fat.

You should also avoid drinking lots of water around mealtime so you will be able to consume more food. If you don’t fill up your stomach with water you will be able to eat more calories.

4. Recovery Time

The recovery time is an important process while you are trying to bulk up.

In the resting phase, your body will convert all the protein and the nutrients you will consume from the surplus calories into muscle. So when you are on your recovery or rest day, try to consume less energy and try to sleep more.

A very important thing and an obvious one is to stay hydrated. If you are not adequately hydrated, it can prevent your body to recover properly from an intense workout.

Try to drink at least 6-10 glasses of water every single day to stay hydrated.

Bulking up can be an easy and all-natural process. You don’t need to pack on supplements and eat as many calories as you can to get bigger. You just need the right amount of calories and proteins that will help you to put on muscle mass and avoid the excess fat gain.

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