Brazilian Butt Workout With 6 Easy Exercises

Brazilian Butt Workout With 6 Easy Exercises

The butt is a muscle like any other and can be targeted, worked, and made shapelier. To firm, shape, lift, and tone your butt, do the following Brazilian butt workout at least two times a week (on non-consecutive days) in addition to your cardio routine.

Alternating workouts will make it more challenging, keep your body guessing and get you maximum results! Also, check out this round butt workout.

Beginners should aim for two sets of ten to 15 repetitions. If you’re fit, do two sets of 20 repetitions.

1. Kneeling Glute Lift With Pulses

Kneeling Glute Lift With Pulses

Body part targeted: Bottom (Glutes). 

Exercise movement:

  • It’s easy to do, but very effective.
  • Kneel on all fours.
  • Lift your left knee off the floor and flex your left foot (this is the starting position).
  • Raise your left knee several inches higher, then lower it in a controlled movement back to the starting position.
  • Complete one set of pulses and then hold the top position for several seconds.
  • Perform your second set.
  • Repeat with the right leg.

TIP: Don’t hyper-extend (over arch) your lower back.

2. Single-Leg Bridge

Single-Leg Bridge

Body part targetedBottom (Glutes) and rear thighs (hamstrings).

Exercise movement:

  • Lie on your back, bend your left leg and place your foot on the floor.
  • Extend your right leg at a 45º angle and keep your knees together.
  • Lift your bottom up off the floor.
  • Lower your bottom back down towards the ground,  but don’t let it touch the floor.
  • Repeat one set on the left, and then switch over to the right.

 TIP: Make sure you keep your hips level.

3. Resistance Band Crab Walk

Resistance Band Crab Walk

Body part targeted: Bottom (Glutes). Jessica Biel is a fan!

Exercise movement:

  • Stand with both feet on top of an exercise band.
  • Cross the resistance band in front of your legs and hold the ends of the band.
  • With your back straight and your shoulders back, take one step sideways, whilst keeping your legs straight.
  • Bring your feet back together, then step towards the other side.

TIP: Use controlled movements and always keep tension in the exercise band.

4. Squat With Kickback

Squat With Kickback

Body part targeted: Bottom (Glutes), front thighs (quadriceps), and rear thighs (hamstrings).

Exercise movement:

  • Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides.
  • Move into a squat position and put your weight on your heels
  • Lift up your right leg straight behind you, while keeping your hips pointing forward (don’t twist them to the side) and extending arms forward.
  • Return to starting position and switch sides.

 TIP: Ensure you keep your back straight and look straight ahead throughout the range of motion.

5. Standing Side Kicks

Standing Side Kicks

Body part targeted: Outer thighs (Abductors), Bottom (Glutes) & Balance.

Exercise movement:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • With your hands on your hips, bend forward slightly for balance and lift your right leg off the floor.
  • Bend the lifted leg and then extend your leg out to your side, to perform a kicking movement.
  • Aim to do a full set before lowing your leg.
  • Then switch sides.

TIP: If you struggle to keep your balance, hold onto a piece of furniture/ fixed object for stability.

6. Explosive Lunges

Brazilian Butt Workout Explosive Lunges

Body part targeted: Outer thighs (Abductors), Bottom (Glutes) & Balance.

Exercise movement:

  • Stand with your shoulder-width feet apart and your hands resting on your hips.
  • Take a step (lunge) forward with your right leg.
  • Your front knee should be bent at a 90-degree angle and be align over your ankle.
  • Jump and switch legs in midair. You should land with your left leg in a forward lunge.

TIP: Keep your upper body tall, don’t slouch.

Brazilian Butt Workout Can Be Done Anywhere!

Work your glutes anytime, by contracting and releasing your glute muscles continuously for 2 minutes at a time while you’re sitting, e.g. at your desk or on the way to work.

An exercise you can do whilst stand is to hold a chair and perform side lifts. You can do this when you’re on the phone for example or watching TV. There’s no reason not to multi-task!

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