Bikini Booty Workout And Tips You Need To Know

Bikini Booty Workout And Tips You Need To Know

It’s never too late to aim at getting that bikini booty you have pasted all over your fitness motivation board. It’s never late because getting a bikini booty consists of two things:

1. Owning a bikini;

2. Having a firm butt;

3. Leading a consistently healthy and active lifestyle.

Tricked you there, we got 3 necessary things! So let’s focus on how you can stay consistently healthy and how to make sure you are active, and getting ready for a bikini booty.

Bikini Booty This Summer?

1. Focus On The Negative

This is the first and last time you’ll hear me say this so hear me out. I do not mean having a negative attitude all day. Instead, think about the fact that any movement has a negative and a positive component. The negative is when you lower yourself (either your body when you squat, or your hands as you do bench presses), and the positive is when you raise yourself.

You can try switching to a slower negative to see your progress accelerate. When you squat, lower yourself as low as you can, and make sure you do it in a slow, controlled move. It should take you about twice the time it takes you to get up again. This activates your glutes and hamstrings, making your bikini booty.

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of The F-word

I’m talking about fat. Of course I am.

Many people trying to get in shape constantly choose low-fat products. That’s one way to go about it, but why make it harder on yourself when you can go for a balanced diet and not be hungry all day?

If you aim for 60% carbs, 20% protein, 20% fat (or more of the last 2 and less of the first), you can get in shape faster than you can say “bikini booty workout”. The protein will build your muscle which in turn will speed up your metabolism, and the combination of fat and protein will keep you full for longer! And who doesn’t want to stop the munchy monster?

3. Hulk Or The Flash?

Well, neither. How about Wonderwoman or Superman?

The trick to getting a bikini booty is to balance your butt workouts. Not just cardio, and not just weight lifting, but a bit of both. I admit I am subjective when I recommend you go 70% weight lifting, 30% cardio, but whatever floats your boat. As long as you get both in, you’ll be rocking a bikini booty in no time!

But of course, as always, you know the drill: don’t overdo it! Not too much running, and not too much hulk-ing either. Moderation is key to pretty much everything you can ever want in life, so of course this also applies to fitness and aesthetics. Work out hard, then sleep hard, because if you rest you can get the full benefits of your strenuous workout sessions.

Bikini Booty

Leave us a comment and let us know how you keep rock your bikini booty!

Here is a great bikini booty workout video from Youtube:

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