The Best Core Exercises To Reduce The Flab Around Your Belly

The Best Core Exercises To Reduce The Flab Around Your Belly

The best core exercises along with a proper workout routine and a nutritious diet will help you shed fat and reveal those rock-solid abs.

Not all abs are built the same way. Some of us need to exercise our core every day for months before we barely see a flat belly. And others seem to define their abs without too much effort.

Regardless of your fitness level, these seven best core exercises will help you get a six-pack in no time.

All these core exercises form together a super-powerful workout that targets your abs from all angles: frontal, lateral, and transverse.

And since this is a high-intensity circuit training that raises your heart rate and keeps you alert during the entire workout, you’ll end up torching fat on your entire body.

It only takes you seven minutes for a cycle, and it only requires minimum equipment: a weighted barbell and a medicine ball.

The Best Core Exercises To Reduce The Flab Around Your Belly

The Best Core Exercises To Reduce The Flab Around Your Belly

Best Core Exercises For A Toned Tummy

Perform each of these seven core exercises for 50 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds after each move. Do at least 2 sets.

Once you build up strength you can increase the number of sets. Try to reach for a total of 5-6 sets in a single session.

For maximum results, perform this core workout anywhere between 3 and 5 times a week. Use non-consecutive days to give your muscles enough time to regenerate.

You can also focus on other muscles of the body during the rest days.

Now, let’s see what are the best core exercises that will melt the fat around your belly:

1. Barbell Roll-Ups

  • Grab a barbell, place it on the floor, and kneel behind it. Make sure your shoulders are right over the barbell.
  • Engage your abs while rolling the barbell forward until you feel the stretch in the entire body.
  • Then roll the barbell back underneath your shoulders.
  • Repeat this move for 50 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds.

2. Medicine Ball Crunches

  • Lie on the floor with your back flat and legs straight up.
  • Grab a medicine ball with both hands and keep it slightly above your chest.
  • Lift your shoulders off the floor and raise the ball until it touches your toes.
  • Get back to the floor with your upper body flat and the medicine ball above your chest.
  • Make sure you keep your legs straight up during the entire exercise.
  • Do medicine ball crunches for 50 seconds, then rest a few seconds and jump to the next exercise.

3. Elbow Planks

  • Get down into a plank position, but instead of supporting your body weight with your hands, use your elbows and forearms.
  • Hold this position for 50 seconds while engaging your abs constantly.

4. Medicine Ball Russian Twists

  • Sit down on the floor with your legs together, slightly off the floor.
  • Keep both your upper body and your thighs at a 45-degree angle with the floor.
  • Only your buttocks should be in touch with the floor.
  • Holding a medicine ball with both hands, explosively twist your upper body to one side.
  • Then twist back and to the other side.
  • Keep alternating sides for 50 seconds, then put the medicine ball aside and prepare for the next move.

5. Leg Raises

  • Lie flat on the floor, keep your legs together, and place your palms underneath your buttocks.
  • Raise your legs up until they’re vertical.
  • Hold for a second, then lower them back down without touching the floor (stop at an inch or two off the floor).
  • You should feel your abs really engaged.
  • Continue raising and lowering your legs for 50 seconds. Catch your breath, then proceed to the next exercise.

6. Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers

  • Hold the medicine ball with both hands and get into a full plank position on the floor.
  • Bring the right knee up to your chest and then quickly switch legs raising the left knee.
  • Continue to alternate knees for 50 seconds.

7. Flutter Kicks

Best Core Exercises - Flutter Kicks

  • Lie down on your back with legs straight at about six inches above the floor.
  • Lift your upper body off the floor and support your body weight with your elbows and forearms.
  • Make sure that the only body parts that are touching the floor are the buttocks, elbows, forearms, and hands.
  • Kick your right feet up and the left one down, then rapidly switch legs in a quick, scissor-like motion.
  • Alternate legs for 50 seconds.

And that’s it! You’ve spent seven minutes to engage your abs and strengthen the muscles beneath your belly fat layer.

But this is not enough if you want to reduce the flab around your belly and reveal a strong, rock-solid abdomen. Cardio exercises that burn fat on autopilot are mandatory.

So make sure to add a few sessions of jogging, swimming, running, or biking into your weekly workout schedule. These cardio sessions will burn fat overall, while the seven best core exercises described above will target your abs from every angle.

Also, picking the right food is very important, since this can really accelerate fat burning and increase muscle mass. So opt for high-protein, low-carb foods if you want to see results right from the first month.

Hopefully, now you’re “armed” with all it needs to build strong, enviable abs. Make a weekly workout routine and do these core exercises on a regular basis.

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