How To Lose Weight With Acupressure

How To Lose Weight With Acupressure

Acupressure or acupuncture is not a fad. It is a complex medical treatment. Acupuncture have been helping people for more than thousands years to solve various health problems. And this has been made possible because each organ of our body is connected through energetic channels to certain points on the body.

Therefore, if you would like to improve the functioning of your inner organs, you just need to find out those points and massage them regularly.

How Does It Help To Lose Weight?

Here’s how acupressure can help with your weight loss process:

  • It reduces your cravings;
  • It helps you achieve a balanced appetite;
  • It increase body awareness for conscious eating.

With other words, your digestive system gets a boost from these “massages”. And when the digestive system works properly, the body weight heads toward a healthy and normal point.

If you follow this routine strictly, your body will procure a faster metabolism and as a result of this, you will become more energetic and can lose excess fat from your body. All these without following a strict diet or exercising much.

Acupressure Points For Weight Loss

Here you will come to know about certain points in the body that will help you to lose weight through stimulation. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Upper Lip Point

This point is located between the upper lip and nose. You need to press over it for around five minutes, twice a day. This kind of pressure helps in controlling nervousness and hunger. If you feel hungry when you are stressed, then, this exercise will surely provide you with lots of benefits.

2. Ear Point

Massaging the ear point creates hastens the metabolism in your body which contributes to losing weight from all sections of the body.

This is an acupressure technique. You need to put pressure on it with your thumb for almost three minutes regularly. After applying this technique for few weeks, you will notice that your body has gained a lot of energy. Along with it, this also helps to remove excess fat from legs, arms, feet and shoulders.

3. Knee Point

This point is mainly used in acupressure. It is called Zu San Li. Regularly pressing on this point for around ten minutes can make you lose excess fat from your body.

This not only helps to improve your digestion but also suppresses inflammatory symptoms in the body. This point is located under the knee cap.

To find this point accurately, cover the knee with your palm. If you choose your left leg, you should use your left hand and vice-versa. This point is between your little finger and ring finger.

Massaging daily on this point will help you to lose a pound in a week. During the massage, you might feel a bit of discomfort and even pain, but it will give you the desired result in the long run.

4. Elbow Point

This is a key point on your body through which all meridians of your inner energy pass. Massaging it regularly will make you release excess body fat and improve the functions of the intestines.

5. Belly Points

There are 2 areas of your belly used in acupressure to improve digestion, which is great news for a person that wants to lose weight.

The first point is located right below the belly button (about an inch, or 3 cm). To get the most out of this technique you should massage this area 2 times per daily. Use just straight, up and down moves.

The second belly point is actually a group of 2 points, called the abdominal sorrow points. You can find them in the abdominal area, right under the last ribs. Each abdominal sorrow point is aligned with each earlobe. You can massage this area once per day, just make sure the massage it’s at least 5 minutes long.

6. Ankle Point

The ankle point is located at about 2 inches (5 cm) above the ankle. To get the best results, you want to apply pressure on this point for a couple of minutes per day. Just press with your thumb, hold for a few seconds and release slowly. This acupressure technique helps to balance fluids in your body.

Tips And Warnings

1. You will not lose weight just by applying this acupressure technique every day; or a couple of times per day. In fact, you will not lose weight at all if your diet isn’t as healthy as it supposed to be for a person with a weight loss goal. So eat healthy and stay away of junk foods.

2. Exercise helps even more. Stimulate these points after your workout to help boost your metabolism and lose weight faster.

3. Your body may respond different to acupressure. So if you find one of these points uncomfortable or the results aren’t too promising, switch to another point/points.

4. Don’t expect for it to work overnight and be patient.

5. You can continue with acupressure even after you’ve reached your desired weight, since it can’t be dangerous al all if it’s applied correctly.

By applying these above techniques, one can easily lose fat and release the flow of energy in all organs of the body. This also helps to balance the digestive system of the body.

These simple points in the body play an important role in losing excess weight from all sections of the body. Acupressure is great for repairing and healing body cells and helps to restore body function.



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