Abs Workout Routine In Just 10 Minutes At Home

Abs Workout Routine In Just 10 Minutes At Home

Best Abs Workout Routine In 10 Minutes

In this abs workout routine we’re gonna be doing 45 seconds of 10 different exercises. Let’s go ahead and get started with the first exercise:

 1. Flutter Kicks

Lay down on the mat because we’re gonna do some flutter kicks:

  • The legs go straight up above your hips.
  • Drop your left leg out first them cross it back and forth. The motion must be nice and quick, making sure those legs stay straight as you possible can.
  • Bring the leg up over top of your hip, over top of your chest a little bit, then all way back out to almost touching the ground and right back up again.
  • Make sure your abs stay contracted the entire time, sucking your belly button in.
  • Just keep that motion going under control.

Let your legs relax for 10 seconds and let’s get to the next exercise of the 10 min abs workout routine:

2. Reaching Oblique Crunch

Lay down on the mat because we’re gonna do some special crunches:

  • Crunch up, rotate your shoulders sideways and to keep both off the mat as best you can.
  • Squeeze your abs trying to reach the outside of the thigh with your hand.
  • Keep your hips flat on the ground, try not to let them roll.
  • Keep rotating left and right reaching the outer thighs and squeeze your obliques and abdominal muscles.

Go ahead and relax for 10 seconds before we get to the next abs exercise:

3. Left Side Hip Raises

This part of the 10 min abs workout routine is a very easy Pilates exercise. Lay down on your left side on the mat because we’re gonna raise those hips up to the ceiling:

  • Get up on your left forearm (on your left side) and lift your hips as possible as you can.
  • Keep your right arm on your hips and also keep your knees together all the time.
  • Squeeze those obliques.
  • Drop back down the hips as far as you can, but don’t completely touch the ground.
  • Keep a little bit of a hover and press the hips right back up.

Relax for 10 seconds and let’s hit with the next exercise for six pack abs:

Abs workout routine

4. Right Side Hip Raises

This exercise is the same as the previous and we’ll do the same exact motion, just switch sides (get down on your right side).

5. Russian Twists

Sit down on your tailbone because we’re gonna set on fire this abs workout routine:

  • Lean back and keep your chest nice and straight. Also your back needs to be in a straight line.
  • Rotate left and right as far as you can. This is more about range and motion than about as fast you can do it.
  • Keep your feet on the ground, but if you want to make it more difficult lean back just a little more further and get the feet off the ground. Leaning back make the core muscles work a lot harder to keep that balance.

Relax a little bit and prepare for the next exercise for your abs:

6. Toe Touch Crunches

Lean down flat on your back because you’re gonna do some insane crunches:

  • Keep your legs straight above your hips. Don’t let them come over top of your stomach, but right on top of your hips.
  • Crunch up like you would with a regular crunch, but instead of forward, you wanna go straight up like you’re trying to touch your toes with your hands.
  • The higher you go towards those toes, the more your abs will have to work.
  • When you lean back try not to release your abdominal muscles.

After you catch your breath for a few seconds prepare for the next part of the abs workout routine:

7. Leg pulls (facing down)

Get into the push up position because we’re gonna do some Pilates leg pulls:

  • Keep a straight line from your shoulders all the way down to your ankle.
  • Alternate legs, lifting one than the other.
  • Keep your hips as stationary as possible.
  • To release the tension on your wrists a little bit you need to do the push-up off of dumbbells.

Relax and let’s get to the next exercise to get those six pack pumping:

8. Leg pulls (facing up)

These Pilates leg pulls are done from a reverse plank position, so let’s get started:

  • Bring your hips nice and high off the ground.
  • Keep a straight line from your shoulders all the way down to your ankles.
  • Alternate legs and raise them as high as you can.
  • Don’t let your hips swing left or right when you switch the legs.
  • Try to keep your leg as straight as you can when you lift it up.

Let your hips drop and relax a few seconds before we get to the next abs workout routine:

9. Toe Taps

Back over onto your back because you’re gonna perform another Pilates exercise for your abdominal muscles:

  • Those knees come up to a table top position, 90 degree on that knee, 90 degree on that hip.
  • Make sure that knee is directly above the hip joint and it doesn’t come any further over top of the stomach.
  • Nice and slow alternate legs, tapping that toe barely to the ground and come back up to the table top position.
  • Constantly suck the belly button in, keeping the abdominal muscles contracted all the time.
  • You don’t want to have any gap underneath your lower back.

Go ahead and let your body to relax for 10 seconds and prepare for our last exercise in this 10 min abs workout routine:

10. Knee Tuck Crunches

This is our last exercise so get down on your tailbone and let’s finish this abs workout routine:

  • Tuck the knees close to your chest as you crunch forward.
  • Then lean back and kick the legs out away from you.
  • Keep your back straight all the time.
  • Put your hands back behind you for a little bit of support. To make it more difficult just lift your hands off the ground.
  • Your back and legs must be off the ground all the time.

Good job. Relax because you completed this abs workout routine. For best results you need to perform these exercises at least one more time in a day, 3-4 days per week. Don’t forget to share this workout with your friends. Stay fit!

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