Ab Workouts Are Important for Runners

Ab Workouts Are Important for Runners

Ab workouts not only help you to get ready for bathing suit weather, but they are also great for runners. As a runner, you might think that stretching is the only beneficial exercise that you can perform, but you would be wrong. Ab workouts can help runners to not only improve endurance, but also increase speed. If you are a runner looking for an edge, you should read below to find out why ab workouts are so great for runners.

Strong Abs Are Key

When it comes to runners, you might think that your legs are the focal point of your body and training. However, strong abdominal muscles are really the secret key to success. Strong abs will help to keep your pelvis and spine stable as you run. If your abs are not strong enough, your body will begin to compensate for this lack of strength. This will lead to other muscles becoming strained and sore. Having strong abs will balance out everything and help to reduce pain. This is done most effectively through the use of regular ab workouts.

No More Pain

As a runner, you might think that lower back pain and sore hamstrings are just the price that you have to pay. The great thing about ab workouts, is that they limit and prevent hamstring and lower back injuries. If your abdomen is strong, you will have a core that helps to steady the rest of your body. Runners can often develop sciatica pain and patella syndrome that can have them off their feet for months, but ab workouts will limit this type of injury risk.

Ab Workouts Are Important for Runners

Better Running Form

Not only will you reduce pain and limit the stress put on your muscles, but strong abs will also allow for better running form. Yu will be able to run longer distances and not waste energy with for that is not adequate. Ab workouts will give you the figure that you want, but they also help your endurance when it comes to running and will improve your posture as a whole. You can be more efficient with your running regimen and see results quickly.

Try Some Ab Workouts Now

Every runner should be taking advantage of the amazing benefits that can be offered from simple ab workouts. If you want to become a better runner, it all starts at your core with regular ab workouts.

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